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Underlying Issues/Diagnosis's, Seeking Opinions

The past 2 1/2 years I've been diagnosed with several conditions. EOE was my first diagnosis. EOE turned into a severe GERD diagnosis. And the GERD diagnosis, turned into a pretty bad case of IBS-C. Mentions of chronic migraine disorder, sleep apnea, anemia, and fibromyalgia have been my doctors most recent suggestions but not diagnosed yet. Obviously with 3 different diagnosis's, I have a wide range of symptoms. The most common symptoms of these diagnosis's are food sensitivity's, esophageal inflammation, dysphagia, acid reflux, nausea, and constipation. While I do have these symptoms, I do have a wide range on symptoms that my doctors can't explain and or they don't really relate to my diagnosed conditions. These new/unrelated symptoms have gotten worse and worse over time, and I feel as though that my health is deteriorating significantly and no doctor seems to really care. When I mention it, I normally get a , "well what do you want me to do?" As if I was the doctor. Some of my more prominent unrelated symptoms are flare ups of UTI like symptoms, severe pain if passing any bowel movement, sudden feeling of faint/about to pass out, blood in the stool, migraines/headahcs nearly everyday, flare ups of overall painful joint pain/aches, significant brain fog, and numbness/tingling in the limbs. These symptoms started about a year ago and continue to get worse with time. I have kinda given up on doctors helping me deal with these symptoms, so I try and just deal with them. I take over the counter UTI pain medicine for those everyday flare ups, cupping/gua-sha for the significant joint pain/aches, and use a migraine cap/tylenol when a migraine hits. While these things help it a little, it is begining to become unbearable and I feel as though that my health deteriorates day by day. I have a STRONG feeling that there Is an underlying condition going on. Crohn's disease, or Vagus nerve disorder are the most recent conditions I've been researching as potential conditions. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. On another note, I also believe there is something underlying with my IBS-C diagnosis. You see, the constipation started around 2-3 years ago. It has not gotten any better, in fact it's significantly worse. I have a complete inability to pass bowel movements on my own. I can feel that I need to, but literally physically can't. I havn't been able to the past several years. Laxtives don't work. Over the counter laxative like medications don't work. I was put on Linzess for around 6 months. This helped very lightly but eventually stopped working. I was then given a huge colon cleanse jug. I drank it all over the course of the day, and passed a small amount of stool but still wasn't cleared out. I was given a second huge colon cleanse jug, and still small amounts of stool passed, but still backed up. I was then put on linzess twice a day, with miralax 3 times daily. Linzess and Miralax combined, and no bowel moments. I was put on yet another IBS-C medication called lubiprostone, and after taking this I had a rather rare side affect and basically went into anaphylactic shock, sending me to the ER. Meaning, still no bowel movements. The thing that concerns me with the IBS-C is what is causing this ? I don't know if my intestines are like paralyzed for some reason in an area or what, but let me know if anyone has any suggestions for what this could be.

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