With my diagnoses, a new job, and a few other things that get in the way of my recovery in full force. I always work as hard as I can, with my own strategies, my support team that is improving all of the time (which is extremely helpful and encouraging), which I am forever grateful for (I know that I can be difficult, but luckily for now I have been a little better).

This is because the game of baseball… just hear me out.

I grew up as a little girl, watching baseball, New York Mets. You can laugh at that if you need to, it’s part of having a team that has been fluctuating lately. It’s sports, competition, which is fun within your limits.

When my family moved to our current state, I was a little girl. But, everywhere you looked baseball was there. I even still have a little Mets bat-shaped keychain that I won in school. It kept my identity from New York close to me. As I grew up, like any game, baseball was able to give me a way to connect with people. It has allowed me to make new friends, enjoy with old friends, and have friendly rivalries with my family.

To me, baseball is beyond a sport, I know that I’m not playing the game in the field with the boys. But, when I hear the music that introduces the game starts, I automatically feel joy, no matter what I’m going through. No matter if they’re not doing well, there’s always hope that they will complete a game that makes you feel something. When they lose, I may feel bummed but I also find a sense of optimism, which is so difficult during certain mood swings, that they will do better next game.

It shows me that I can have a tough time, and while that’s frustrating, I just need to breathe, think about my next strategy to play my own game that comes next. When they win, it’s a huge feeling of elation. As I may watch with the family, there are nothing but cheers as loud as we can. This makes me feel so good. Watching the teams faces, as they jump around, excited about the win, makes you feel like you’re there. It’s like supporting your best friends.
…It’s like supporting myself. I can mirror the hard work ethic, with whatever outcome, breathe, ask for help, whatever it is, and my Mets show me that I can level myself out during the process of recovery, no matter the initial outcome, because there’s another inning waiting for me and that’s okay.

I am SO grateful for the New York Mets.

This may have sounded silly to you. Of course I have other things to help me. But for 162 times a year, I can cope in a very easy, safe, effective format for me.

I hope that you have your own baseball. 💚 #Bipolar1Disorder #Bipolar1DisorderPsychoticFeatures