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    Creative expression for mental health

    I have anxiety and depression. I have found that creativity offers some degree of help. Whether it is photography, drawing, sewing, colouring, or writing, they have all offered some way to move on. It works as a distraction, as well as a mindful flow - almost a meditation. Finding the right type of creative expression at the right time though, that is helpful. This isn’t always going to work, some days are harder than others. For the days that it does work, I am all for it. Anybody else use creative expression as an outlet for their mental health challenges?
    #creativity #Mindfulness #Anxiety #Depression #MentalHealth #copingstrategies #creativeflow

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    I don't want tobe a trailblazer anymore.

    Someone on here said to me the other day, something to the effect of "I hope you find a path,and if you can't, then you make one." I've been thinking about that over and over, along with some things a friend has said about how I've always been ahead of the curve, both in dealing with my autism issues, and my trauma and depression issues.

    I just wrote this for some people in my life. Thought I'd post it here too.

    One thing I'm realizing more and more, as I think about things, and as I try to discuss them with people, with varying degrees of success, is: I don't want to be the one forging the new trail anymore. I don't want to be the trailblazer anymore. After so many decades of being at the forefront of, so many things, and being the one teaching those around me what I need, and what others like me need, or for that matter, even that we exist, I'm tired of it all! I don't want to be the one fighting the overgrowth/jungle/forest/whatever head on any more. I want to be able to step back a bit and let someone else cut the path. I want someone else to be holding the lamp, saying "go this way." Someone who is also able to understand, and respect that I've been fighting this battle for decades, and that I've learned a number of things along the way. I'm no newbie to handling all the stuff I've been handling. I'm a veteran of this war, and yet, I still need ... stuff. There is still new things to learn, new "methods and technology" if you will.

    It was one thing when I was part of a community of trailblazers, who could support, encourage, and educate each other, but when there's just you, it's a whole different story. Especially when you've got decades of experience and energy drain behind you! Battle scars and triumphs.

    It's not that I mind the fight, or expect the way to be all paved, or expedient, or anything, but damn! To still having to be the trailblazer after all these years? It's exasperating and exhausting just thinking about it! #Autism #Disability #PTSD #CPTSD #copingstrategies #Support

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    A conversation with myself

    <p>A conversation with myself</p>
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    A balancing act

    I have a long history of anxiety and depression and this year was also diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I don’t know how to balance the way I cope mentally and the way I cope physically - exercise and activity and structure helps my anxiety but some days I’m way too exhausted or foggy brained to do the things I normally would. I end up trying to rest but sometimes the anxiety gets too much. It feels an impossible balancing act - trying to care for both mind and body. #Fibromyaliga #Anxiety #copingstrategies

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    Reading to cope #copingstrategies

    <p>Reading to cope <a class="tm-topic-link ugc-topic" title="copingstrategies" href="/topic/copingstrategies/" data-id="5c34c748796fac00c99285b2" data-name="copingstrategies" aria-label="hashtag copingstrategies">#copingstrategies</a> </p>
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    Community Voices
    Community Voices

    A litle diferent dan usul "my escap"

    <p>A litle diferent dan usul "my escap"</p>
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    Community Voices

    What do you do when BPD symptoms flare during a break-up?

    Two months after a break-up with my first relationship that lasted more than 8 weeks (we were together a year), I'm now struggling to get him out of my mind. All of the memories, the sweet things, the nice things and compliments. One minute I love him and want him back, the next I hate him. One thing is for sure it friggin sucks and I'm struggling with managing myself each day.

    What chathartic exercises do you do in my position? What positive coping mechanisms do you have? How do you cope with and get out the intense feelings? When distractions arent distracting enough, how do you occupy your mind? #BPD #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #MentalHealth #personalitydisorder #DarkDay #NegativeThoughts #copingstrategies #Anxiety #Depression #LostLove #theblackdog

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