When COVID became a real threat in the US, I packed my bags and drove 800 miles, 13 hours to my hometown to be with family... just in case things got really bad. I had not forgotten about the trauma I experienced there. I just hoped, like I often do that things would be better. Hoped that she would be less alcoholic and more nurturing. I was wrong. Nevertheless, I was in the city for 6 weeks, re-exposing myself to old wounds and gaining new ones. Fresh trauma sent me racing back to my southern safe haven. My small sunny apartment of 10 years.

Since being back I recovered a new joy. My new hobby of caring for houseplants. I had 3 before I left and 2 survived 6 weeks with no attention. I started researching plants, watching videos and I’m now trying very hard to temper my desire for more plants. I have purchased 8 more. I am intentionally buying them small bc they are cheap and I get the pleasure of watching them grow. I get to give it attention and nurture it. My favorite is this little ‘string of pearls.’ I’m going to get a monstera today.

I’m unemployed with no income, but this is my healthy distraction. This is my joy!
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