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Experiencing psychosis in my 30s #Psychosis #PMDD

My wife was recently diagnosed with PMDD, which comes with periods of psychosis. We have been together for 20 years and she is doing very well now that she is on the correct medication. I, however, am struggling. I am trans masc and I have not had surgery (to be blunt, I still possess a uterus). My therapist warned me to watch for symptoms in myself due to that fact. I thought, no way. Not me. But it’s now 5+ months of symptoms right on time. I have been experiencing wildely alarming and uncharacteristic thoughts like clock-work. (Note: I have had periods of this for about a year and a half- right around the time I changed from an SSRI for anxiety to Wellbutrin. The cyclical nature of PMDD makes it very difficult to even connect these periods to any kind of pattern, so we have both been oblivious that I was having symptoms too until she had her diagnosis and was getting treatment.) In the moment, the delusional thinking don’t always sound like a symptom and instead sounds real. My wife typically catches me and points out, “hey, have you seen the date and where I am in my cycle? I start/just started my psych meds.”
This has started to become frightening. I finally met with a new psychologist after my last moved- and it was a bad fit from the start. I felt steam-rolled during the consultation and when I reached out reporting one script he had me on made me feel high and sick because of how much my heart was racing, and the psych symptoms, I was told to just keep taking what he already prescribed and we could talk about the psychosis at our next session in a few months. I terminated our relationship and am now waiting to speak to my therapist next week to be set up with a new psychiatrist.
I’ve never had symptoms like this. I really feel for my wife and how much she struggled with this for so long and she had no name for it or way to explain her behavior. I’m thankful she’s with me every day and so happy that she is finally experiencing relief. This is terrifying. I look forward to getting care in the next few weeks, but for now I’m feeling really shaky on my feet.

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My sister insists I have Bipolar. She just blurted it out today. I was having a good day. I think she thought I am manic. I have PMDD.

#Bipolar #PMDD

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Hi I'm Kenzie and I'm new The Mighty. I battle multiple chronic illnesses, but currently having a migraine attack and rocking arthritis gloves to battle the numbness. Love and good vibes to y'all ❤️ #Migraine #GeneralizedAnxietyDisorder #Depression #Endometriosis #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #PMDD

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A new episode of The Mighty Podcast!? ‼️ Period Paint Points

Do you ever feel like riding a horse while on your period? Neither do we, but apparently period product commercials believe we do (and we have #opinions!). In this episode of The Mighty Podcast, host Ashley (hi that's me!) is joined by @camararollin, Shruti @chronicallymeh, and @skyeg to talk about the “taboo” experience that is having a period. They discuss societal “norms,” what doctors do – and specifically don’t – know, and just wait to hear some of the go-to euphemisms we use when it’s that time of the month.


New episodes of The Mighty Podcast coming to you monthly! What topic do you want us to dive into?

#ChronicPain #PolycysticOvarySyndrome #PMDD #Periods #Podcasts #Endometriosis

The Mighty Podcast

Listen to The Mighty Podcast on Spotify. The Mighty Podcast infuses the health space with positivity, humor and vulnerability. Explore topics on mental health, chronic illness, rare disease, disability and more. Continue the conversation with a community who gets it on
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I don't know why I don't remember this every month

Well almost every month. #BPD #PTSD and #PMDD Make me Hormonal and Irrational

Every Time.

So I get SI and SH thoughts.Sometimes HT

It usually passes .

I can Manage my Mental Health

I don't need to spiral.

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Well what If you’re sick & tired of needing and or asking for help & you feel as if no one truly understands you or your pain, including yourself?! Trying to push through, but constantly being defeated on a daily basis 💔 #MajorDepressiveDisorder #Anxiety
#IBS #PTSD #Asthma #Insomnia #ChronicMigraines #ChronicSinusinfections #overwhelmed #sickandtired #PMDD
#Grief #tired #BipolarDisorder #MightyTogether

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I'm new here!

Hi, my name is Emma. I'm here because I've found myself at a point where I'm lacking peers and community. I want to move towards more stability and wellness within myself and in my life and that feels like such a huge mountain to climb on my own. Growth is important to me and I've realised I need people to grow with. Lately I've felt like mental health symptoms have taken over to the point where it's all I can do to keep my head above water every day. I'm hoping to find resources, learning, connections, and skills that will help me to go from just coping to thriving and actually enjoying life again. And I feel like it would be really rewarding to be supporting others in their journeys as well!

#Peersupport #ADHD #MentalHealth #CheerMeOn #Diabetes #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #DBT #CBT #Therapy #ComplexPosttraumaticStressDisorder #CPTSD #Recovery #MightyTogether #EatingDisorders #PMDD #PremenstrualDysphoricDisorder #Relationships #Trauma #Anxiety #Depression #Neurodiversity #Autism #MentalHealthAwareness #Disability

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I had a appointment with mental health management through my PCP
She stated the obvious about my trauma and the need to have counseling and stay on my meds.
She told me my mom is a narcissist which
I kinda knew.
And boundaries and distance are important.
Asked if I had support
I'm working on that.
My physical health needs some fine tuning.
My most persistent problem currently is lower back pain.
My Spiritual health is Good
God is Good All the Time
All the Time God is Good.
Just Keep Swimming. 🥰

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