All the years of #chaos has settled and now my life has reached a place of temporary- hopefully- placidity...but I’m finding myself bored and depressed... or bored...or depressed. I feel lonely and I’m not sure why.
I don’t know why after all the years I wished for peace, it’s finally here and I don’t know what to do with it. I don’t know where I fit in a world that does not consist of trauma, and rage, and abuse, and neglect. I don’t know what is normal or wrong...what is #Controlling or concern. I don’t know what is someone giving you space, or someone not caring.
I’m lingering in an unknown universe that despite what I read- isn’t scary- it’s boring.
I don’t want my old life back. I want to know how to fit into this new life (#howtofitintomynewlife ) Please help with any stories or ideas.