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Hypersensitivity and pillows #hypersensativity #Sleep #Neuropathic Pain #Headaches

When my head becomes hypersensitivity I can’t find any comfort with the pillows I have tried and I end up with a headache. If anyone has any ideas I would really appreciate your advice


I can’t find a pillow that word for me #hypersensativity #chronic pain

I have tried all types of pillows I can think of. from memory foam (to hard), lambs wool(to hard), shredded memory foam (currently using), regular pillows. since I had a major flare up up in 2017 whilst visiting Chicago USA for the Warriors Games, I have not been able to find a pillow that works long term for me. at one point I was spending £10 a month for a new pillow that gave my neck support while being soft with no lumps. before the flare up I used memory foam and was fine with them. after flare up, neurological pain including hypersensitivity started to affect me above the waist. now I’m like the (princess and the pea) if any of you know the story. I feel every bump, crease in the sheets and even the seems in clothes.
does anyone have any ideas I could try, or know of a #hashtag I can look for help from. many thanks for reading.