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Healing Headaches

Headaches are the most common form of pain that we experience. Headaches affect 90-99% of the population. They range from annoying to down right debilitating in our lives. The most common way we deal with this ailment is to swallow some painkillers and continue with our lives hoping the pain will disappear and leave us in peace.
Any kind of pain in our bodies is a signal, a warning sign that something is wrong and our bodies are needing help. Masking the symptoms and hoping it goes away will only perpetuate the problem.

Common causes for headaches include:
1. Trapped emotions
2. Physical trauma
3. Emotional trauma or shock
4. Misalignments
5. Toxins picked up from our water, food and environment
6. Allergies and intolerances
7. Dehydration

It is very common to have multiple causes behind headaches. When you take the time to dig deeper exploring why you are having headaches and helping your body heal the root issue the results can amazing. There are many people that had debilitating headaches, but once they cleared the cause of their headaches the pain disappeared on its own.

Do you suffer from headaches? Are your ready to get to the bottom and give your body the help it needs to heal?
I would love to help you!

#Headaches #emotioncode #bodycode #Healing #energeticrebalancing

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My Journey with brain injury started in 2017. #BrainInjury #ChronicFatigue #Anxiety #ChronicPain #Headaches #MemoryLoss

Dealing with the memory loss in the beginning was scary and as the loss progressed I worried I would loose my personal history. I started to journal my memories and experiences. I found that writing helped me work through some my frustration and anger with living with a brain injury. Sharing my writing brought an unexpected bonus, readers shared that they thought were alone going through similar experiences. They felt less isolated.
You Matter, Be There Tomorrow. #MentalHealth #MightyTogether


You Matter, Be There Tomorrow.

Is it fair to let the ones we love to miss out on tomorrow,  ask them to stay. This is a collection of Stories, Memes, Pictures and Videos that I have created or taken. They are an important p…
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#Headaches Does anyone get sharp shooting pains in there head at all?? I've been experiencing this for a while now..like electric shocks??


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Since my PTSD has been retriggered about 2 weeks ago here’s what’s been happening. More ruminating thoughts, increased panic attacks, trouble sleeping, missing work, crying spells, depression, daily stress headaches and constipation. It’s like going through it the first time all over again. #PTSD #Anxiety #AnxietyAttack #PanicAttacks #Depression #Headaches #IrritableBowelSyndromeIBS #CheckInWithMe

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Has anyone done Dry Needling with a physical therapist for migraines?

I used to have a very good paying job with great medical. I had to leave that job due to migraines and chronic pain. I work from home now thanks to the pandemic I now have free but crappy state medical (Medicaid). So I have to start over on the road of getting the right medicines for my migraines. #ChronicMigraines #Headaches #ChronicPain



I don’t post on here much anymore. So, hi! But I just wanted to see if maybe anyone has a similar experience.

I’ve been dealing with headaches. Every day. For going on 2 months. I’m trying to get into the Neurologist, but the insurance is taking its time. It kinda started suddenly and harshly.

I’ve been in my bed for a good about of this time simply because of the imbearable amount of pain. I’ve now been on 5 prescriptions, and 4 shots, but nothing seems to be working. They keep saying it’s migraines. Ringing in my left ear. Running into walls. Almost falling. Cant walk straight. Cant hold conversation a lot of the time.

Pain is one thing that I understand I might just need to learn to somehowww deal with, but the rest of it? Lol. I have to come home and cry a lot because either I feel frustrated with myself that I can’t speak to my friends without just… stuttering and giving up… or coming home screaming and crying because I am in so much pain I feel if I’m around people I might hurt someone.. so.

It’s a lot. Plus, because of my headaches I’ve lost my job(s), and fun nights with friends. It’s ruling my life.

#Headaches #Migraine #help


New Job

I just accepted a new job and am a nervous wreck. It is full time and I have only ever worked part time. It's a good job with a great company but my anxiety is through the roof. I have never worked in the insurance industry and feel very intimidated. I start in about a month. I am worried that i bit off more than a can chew but I know that if I don't try, I will be laying here crying and depressed. Any tips for working full time while handling anxiety and any other ailments? The job is remote. #Anxiety #Depression #MentalHealth #potssyndrome #Headaches #chronic migraine

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Having a rough week #Depression #Anxiety #frustration #Pain #Headaches #ArtTherapy

I am having another rough week. Work is still slow. The weather has gotten cold and rainy. My back and neck ache. My joints hurt too. I also have had all day headaches. The only thing keeping me going is photography as art therapy. I got a new lens and took some shots with it. Here is one of the best ones. It is a shot of dead bamboo against 2 live ones. It almost look like a trophy or torch. Let me know what you think #Depression #Anxiety #frustration #Pain #Headaches #ArtTherapy


My #Anxiety and #Depression Journey

I (female, 26 years old and new to this app) am sharing my story to hopefully find people who may have a similar journey/experiences.

I started my depression/anxiety journey when I suffered from many GI symptoms throughout my senior year of high school (2012-2013) in which I was so nauseous and in so much stomach pain I missed days and weeks of school. I was diagnosed with #IrritableBowelSyndromeIBS , but after diagnosis all symptoms went away. I continued seeing a counselor (on and off) which we found many of my symptoms could be from stress, #Depression and #Anxiety (plus a mentally abusive romantic relationship).

Fast forward to early 2021, I lost all my appetite, nausea returned and I lost over 20 pounds (in about 3 months which my friends became worried for my health). All tests came back normal and all symptoms were related back to stress and anxiety (with no other diagnosis). Symptoms are still present (with the addition of #Migraines /#Headaches ), but way more manageable.

I also found in this time that I was in a mentally abusive relationship with my job in which it trained me to set high standards that could never be reached and worked over 60 hours a week to try to reach those standards. I have since left that job which also caused stress and anxiety (and a slight identity crisis since I was so involved in my career and never made time for my personal life- which is another thing I am putting a focus on).

In August, I finally started seeing a counseler again which we found my depression was overpowering where it was impacting my personal relationships and activities. I am now on a medication to help with my depression symptoms (which I feel so much better, have way more energy and overall has made me back to my self), but now I am feeling my anxiety symptoms so much more (which may be causing more GI issues as of recent). I try deep breathing and meditation, but my brain continues to race and think of everything else going on. I try telling myself that all of the possible scenarios my brain creates will never come true, but the thoughts come in like a freight train.

I know there has to be others with similar experiences and just want to tell those people that you are not alone. I am willing to chat with anyone that has a similar journey (to also remind myself that I am not alone in this either). If you made it this far in this post, thank you for reading and I hope you found some sort of comfort in my story and journey. 😊

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autoimmune disease

I am in chronic pain daily. My symptoms points towards Autoimmune disease but no one can identify which yet (it has been 7 years and counting since first symptoms). I experience more flare-ups than remissions. Most days im too fatigued and nauseous to do anything (eat, clean, drive, walk, situp, stand, wash dishes etc). I often wake up feeling paralysis in both legs. Having to drag my legs around after some hours on the heating pad. I constantly get sent to different specialists for each symptom without anyone attempting to connect dots(have experienced inflammation in heart area, kidney area, nostrils, hips, feet,face). With a lot of unexplained rashes that turn dry and flaky on my scalp, inside ears, on face, eyebrows, outside and inside nose etc. Along with cognitive issues pertaining memory, blurred vision and headaches. Soooo much medication is thrown at me on a monthly basis and nothing is working. Slowly losing faith in my doctor. Any experienced advice or guidance would be gratefully appreciated. #AutoimmuneDisease #Undiagnosed #ChronicPain #Headaches #feelingdefeated #SystemicLupusErythematosus #MultipleSclerosis #InflammatoryArthritis #Advice #guidance #Paralysis

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