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I'm a UI/UX designer and this is how I work every single day ;))
I'm really in love with my job and my illness didn't cause me to leave it, actually #Neuropathic help me to be more accurate in my job!! And I became more familiar with some important parts of my occupation that help disabled persons to get better connected to the virtual world. Which we call #Accessibility ... If you are interested in this subject, tell me :))) I'll be happy to talk about it


#Neuropathic Pain

I have had neuropathic pain for 9 months... Any advice for me:)))
By the way, doctors didn't know my problem and they didn't know why this happen to me :)))
Does anyone here have neuropathic?
We can talk and share our experiences :)))
#Neuropathic Pain #Neuropathic #InvisibleDisability #Disability


Going to be live on Duo with someone I met online . Getting social anxiety badly right now about this afternoon. I'm new here btw. HELLO ALL!!🤗

#SocialAnxiety #Neuropathic Pain

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#Neuropathic Pain I have pain everyday with every joint. The bottom of my feet, toes , fingers, wrist hurt the most. They tingle a lot and go numb


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Abstract of 'Pain perception in narcolepsy with cataplexy patients'

Does anyone else with #Narcolepsy struggle with pain that has been very difficult to manage successfully?

This is something I ran across that may explain a LOT.

I am not at all sure I really understand, though... Anyone?

Thanks!! :-)

#Narcolepsy #Cataplexy #ChronicPain #Pain #Neuropathic Pain #Orexins #Hypocretins


Savella #Fibromyaliga #Neuropathic Pain

I have fibro and BP 2. My rheumatologist and former psychiatrist worked together and put me on Savella. It helped a lot w both meds/ Mypdic pdoc retired and my new one isn’t familiar w Savella for depression so now I get my prescription from my rheumy alone. My new pdoc wants to get me off of Seroquel which I use for sleep (50 mg) and switch me to Latuda. My rheumatologist had suggested increasing the Savella but isn’t familiar w other BP drugs. I’m caught in the middle trying to sort it out. I’d rather increase one drug than start another. I recently reduced Seroquel by 50 and haven’t had a problem with sleep (after a week of insomnia my body adjusted). I am also on Lyrica which my rheumatologist prescribed and my pdoc won’t discuss the psych impact bc he doesn’t prescribe it. My rheumatologist spoke w me about reducing and about how to adjust to initial psychological impact. I wish my rheumatologist prescribed my other meds. My new pdoc is kind and smart, but I feel awkward asking him to familiarize himself w these drugs he doesn’t prescribe. Anybody have any thoughts on Latuda for anxiety as opposed to Savella? Anyone use Savella for both? #


Halfway through spinal cord stimulator trial, feel a little defeated

I’m wondering if other people have had, or still have, a spinal cord stimulator and what your experience was like during the trial. I’d be particularly interested to hear from people who had a slight improvement in pain, but not much, by the mid way point and if things were adjusted to the point of satisfaction. I have my mid trial appointment tomorrow and I’m anxious because I feel like I’m not getting a great response but there has been a little improvement. My provider told me to be sure to be honest but I’m so used to having doctors tell me I’m wrong or it’s in my head etc etc that my natural response is to just downplay my pain. I was just so hopeful for this, it sorta feels like I’m doing something wrong 😓 #ChronicPain #Neuropathic Pain #DegenerativeDiscDisease #Depression #Anxiety #lumbarradiculopathy #spinalcordstimulator

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More than 75 tools for healing at home #Pain #Neuropathic Pain #Healing

In these volumes, each contributing author shares their personal story, and provides a tool for healing that you can practice at home. #1 best seller in multiple categories including #PainManagement , #Holistic , and #Healing . #Neuropathic Pain #EatingIssues #Pain #BackPain