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    A face in the dark

    A warrior from within,

    Cries tears of sorrow

    "Warrior" by Ann Marie

    My niece is in foster care right now. I haven't seen or talked to her in a long time. I miss her, so very much. It's taking a while for her and her brother to come home. And they are naturally frustrated. Everytime I watch the "Do you want to build a snowman?" music video I cry a little.

    She just reminds me of Anna from Frozen.

    She was always there for me. Whenever I had a difficult time...she lifted me up with her hijinks and silly antics. Now she's going through a difficult time herself...and I don't know how to be there for her.

    I sent her mom some uplifting voice messages for my niece. Some music, some poetry. All this after a letter was already on its way to her mother. (I think I'm overdoing it xD).

    I'm sorry, I just miss those kids so damn much. (Why am I apologizing? xD).

    All in all, things are better health wise. I had my first treatment for Interstitial Cystitis. Heparin, it's called. It was a weird experience. A lot of relief afterward.

    I was happy about that.

    The pain was unrelenting and followed me wherever I went. I could barely get any writing done (insert sad face emoji).

    I just miss my niece. And I am worried about my other nieces and nephews. Some of them (not all) don't have the best home life. So I worry about their mental health. I want the best for them. I want them to all have a good life, full of promise and happiness.

    That's all I want.

    #Family #InterstitialCystitis #icwarrior #FosterCare

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    Running Through the Flames (poem)

    The pain within me

    It coils within and within

    Where am I now?

    It hurts, it hurts so

    The pain is clouding my thoughts.

    Where am I now?

    Where am I to go?

    I feel so lost and yet I

    cannot go there yet.

    Running through the fire

    On and on I go and I'm

    Running through the fire

    #InterstitialCystitis #ic #ChronicPain #icwarrior #warrior #