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    You are not alone #warrior #ChronicIllness

    It's hard to keep it all inside, when feelings run so deep,
    The pain and fear, the hurt and doubt, all locked inside to keep.
    It's easy to feel so alone, when the world just moves on by,
    And no one seems to understand, the battles you must fight.
    You put on a brave face each day, hiding all that you feel,
    Pretending that you're okay, when inside it's not so real.
    The weight of it all, so heavy, bearing down on your heart,
    And still you soldier on, though it tears you all apart.
    But know this, dear one, you are not alone in this fight,
    For there are others like you, who also hold things tight.
    Who keep their pain concealed, and face the world with grace,
    And find a way to carry on, in their own quiet place.
    So reach out and connect, and let someone in,
    For sharing your struggles, can ease the weight within.
    Together we are stronger, and together we can cope,
    And lift each other up, when we feel like giving up hope.

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    Hello fellow conquerors in Christ

    I just had the most intimate moment with Jesus I think I've ever had. I am finally beginning to internalize what He actually did for me. I think I am finally falling in love with Him. Now I get it.

    Also, today God called me back to my role as intercessory prayer warrior. To be honest I feel like I am jumping off a cliff because the enemy comes after me anyway and my challenges can make it difficult to stand in the face of attacks.

    If anyone of you needs prayer, please reach out to me. Evidently my position is to stand in the gap.

    I also ask that you keep me in your prayers as well if you are able or if you think about it, specifically prayer for protection.

    We all have a cross to bear and it ain't easy! #Faith #Prayer #warrior #Jesus #christ #god

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    One Love

    #Open #caring #loving #Healing #Inspiring

    Be that light that shines so bright!

    While people fight in order to take flight!

    Shine with all your might!

    Never doubt yourself!

    Swim like a trout!

    This is a love about!

    So scream and shout!

    Let IT all out!

    You will never doubt!

    This is all for you!

    Love you!

    #warrior #Survivor #Motivater #helper

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    My Muse #Depression #Pain #Bipolar #Trauma #Recovery #PTSD #Addiction #warrior

    Pain is her muse. Her pain is not just for show. In her darkest days.. she cries, but she also laughs. She wants to experience joy unspeakable. She wants to do what is right, but her rebel heart will not stay silent. She carries on, but she also carries through… straight through the deepest and hardest pains. They call her a “martyr” but do they know where she’s been? Have the same demons taunted them? Have they fought those same demons and won? Have they gotten past their own hurt and heartache? Or just looking to fix me, solve me, like a Sunday morning crossword puzzel? Of course there is always a solution, a quick fix, a simple answer.. of course, she carries around these bag of rocks just to cast them at others… of course. Who the fuck (oh, lauguage please) does she think she is? She’s a martyr not a saint. She’s a folly. She’s an Enigma. But no.. don’t trust a word she says… her folly is that she will love that which brings her pain, she will cut herself, and ask why she is bleeding, she will walk right into fire, and laugh because she likes the flames. No, she is not to be trusted. “That chick is crazy”, and maybe so... her folly is in the flames. Her folly is that she was hurt so bad she has fallen in love with the pain. Don’t you go and try to whisk her, she’ll just cut you, and fall and fall and fall over again. She cannot be saved. We all fall short. We all tried to help her. She is so damn beautiful, but she’ll never fall out of love with the pain.

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    Another Me #Depression #Bipolar #Trauma #PTSD #Trauma #Recovery #Addiction #warrior

    She whispers, pain no more. The demons they laugh, “Let’s give her another blow.” She’s cries out to the heavens as her world trembles. The audience watches. They do not know what to say. ”What’s wrong with you?” “Get it together.” “ Be strong.” “Stop being so damn negative.” “Watch your laugauge, please!” “Martyr!” “Do you know how many people love you?” “Do you know how many people who be hurt if you were gone?” She whispers.. pain.. “What did you say?” “Can you speak a little louder?”… pain…”What are you talking about?”… She sighs… she attempts to push the pain down… smoke another cigarette.. take another pill… the demons they laugh at her… “We got her good this time.” The demons think she doesn’t know them by name, but she know each and everyone of them all too well. She may not beat them today, but she will again ignore them. Because she knows her God, she knows… her creator. She knows THIS life is brief, and but a fleeting moment. Pain now… but earthquake tomorrow, and her mountain will rise. She will come out stronger. She will rise once more. She is NOT a dumpster fire, but a multidimensional firery Phoenix. She will rise with her Golden Wings. She will rise and take back everything stolen from her. She will rise and fall into the arms of her creator, with peace, joy, happiness, and orgasmic relief. She has fought the good fight. She has won the good battle. She has won the WAR. God blesses her, and she is relieved. She fights no more. He covers her with his shroud, dresses her with gold and pearls, he calls her blessed and rewards her for her good deeds, he bathes her scars and wounds, he tends to her every hurt and comforts her. He lays her heart before Him, and stands watch that noone ever, ever lays a hand on her emotions again. He builds her up, and then sets her free on her new mission. She is a Healer. She will set the captives free and defend the broken hearted. Now and forever. Amen.

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    #Depression #warrior #Trauma #Bipolar #PTSD #MentalHealth #Addiction

    The pains grows. Is this what it’s like to be human? Lord, in another life I pray to be invincible. I pray to no longer feel hurt or remorse. I pray to be free. This life. This life has bound me...to sadness, to grief, to joy, followed by sharp spears to my gut. I cannot be happy. Life laughs when I’m happy. It makes fun of my folly. It says who are you to be happy? Who are you to feel joy? You are nothing but damaged goods. Who are you to be comforted when you feel weak? Who are you to be loved by all? You’re bad. You’re selfish. You’re weak. You pathetic little thing. Hope? You naive little fuck up. You’re not worth it. Creating cases in my head they say… but I’ve already been locked up and the demons never bothered to make a key. Does my depression scare you? This depression, it was attached to be ever since the day I was born. There is no escaping it. There’s only acceptance that I was born this way. Born to struggle, born to feel pain, and born to never be free. And.. there will never be enough of anything to comfort me.

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    #Mindfulness #Choice #MentalHealth #suicide #Survivor #warrior #ChronicFatigue #Fibromyalgia

    Thank you all for being compassionate and open!

    Our journey leads throughout the process of rebirth rediscovery and reunification of person.

    If you can imagine your a ball of light 💡

    Sounds funny yet true. If a person is a ball of light and therefore also others are balls of 💡 light. We the light can shine ✨ bright, dim or not at all…

    If a bright light goes out can the bright light be lit again?

    Now remember your the light 💡. So now there is choice to shine bright or not light 💡!

    In our case there was a transition and transformation process in mind body and spirit.

    We then lend our experience to a sick gold fish 🐠. Our existence or our personal out grew that which was our eco-system or lifestyle.

    With identifying with our individual self and needs after diagnosis of Fibromyalgia IT was a requirement to change our Fish tank. This ment kicking and screaming on the way However when we were in a better environment with less toxic water or people we became better.

    We hope this helps with how you can be so positive or negatively impacted just by your loss or situation.

    Sometimes it is all but impossible to pull yourself out of the muck and sometimes you need help out even if you enjoy the muck or think you do.

    Perhaps you are dependent on that muck or fixation of the muck is so addicting that you have no idea how contaminated you have become.

    Please don’t judge please help please support.

    Sometimes there is only one way through and that is in to get out.

    When you have a new fish tank and IT is just you…. Now IT is just you for you and you can be you.

    Please read through we hope this is for you.


    Please be safe be well be loved your worthy!

    Don’t forget IT


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    This group is all I have. Thank you so much everyone for their understanding and support. #Fibromyalgia #warrior #ChronicIllness #Burden #Guilt #ChronicDepression

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    Fibro Mitto Seizures pots and more

    I always thought I was the only one till I read peoples post gosh really is ungodly day to day but really minute to minute Thanks for the join. Mel #Spoonie #Breathe #warrior #fighter