Hello everyone xx this is my 1st post on here, i really don't know where to start, Im 37, got 3 kids, who don't live at home, I'm in a beautiful relationship with my partner, he's amazing, I've had a traumatic childhood, I'm a recovering addict, im 21 months clean and sober from drugs , I lost my Grandad 22nd August 2017, 2 years ago today, I lost my Grandma on the 13th June, this year, I'm heartbroken, and last sunday, i lost my best friend of 10 years to suicide, and also i week prior, my best friends mum passed, she was lovely, I've stayed clean and sober through all this, and I'm usually the strong one, but I'm falling to pieces emotionally, I have 4 diagnosed mental health illnesses too, eeek im tired ! Rest in peace Grandma and Grandad, Roisin, and Sheila xxxx