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#everything soft #Fibro

I have a bunch of medical issues that result in chronic pain. When having a bad flare, I try to surround myself with pillows remove any restrictive clothing etc. looking for suggestions for a mattress topper that will help make a softer environment to lay on. Tried my son’s memory foam mattress tooper but not what I’m looking for. I have a great mattress which is firm. But looking for something that feels soft to lay on but also not hot.
Has anyone tried something like this that helps.

Thank you.

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#lol 😂

#dog gets into #everything
Walked out front door this evening and saw neighbours dog on there roof , no one was home so I called, luckily the dog knows her way right thro a screen and got herself back inside safely lol
She looked happy😁
#enjoy !!!!!!🙂🙃😉😊



#everything that I want to do means being on my hurting feet. Was advised to ice the source of pain as often as I can.
Living alone presents a problem.

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chris' Series Part 11


When did i crack? Give way to what society expects from me? Take a step back & try to help myself

Well the first time would have been after a bender, my mind was quiet as that is what the intention was behind a bender. i looked back at everything i had been through over the past 35 years & all i saw through my mind's eye was death and destruction

That moment, the first time you actually think ... damn, i don't want to be on this planet anymore - It's not something pleasant to go through but it somewhat gave me some control back to my life. It sounds so strange to say it but me wanted to end it all was liberating for my story. But then you have to be ready for the next & hardest part - therapy, medication & possibly being institutionalized. i reached out to a psychologist to have my first real session, as a somewhat troubled kid & young adult i had my fair share of shrinks, but this lady was different

There was no beating around the bush from the get go, i was comitted to trying to fix myself & there was no answer to please her. If i recall correctly it was after my first session, she referred me to the psychiatrist on duty & i was on the books to be admitted in 2 days due to the suicidal thoughts. Time came & went so quickly, but in the safety of the clinic after some changes to my living environment

It was there were we unpacked my flashbacks. Damn that was not pleasant at all, then to tell my newly wedded wife & life-long friend that what has been going on was the realization that on top my childhood abuse which she was aware to a degree, there was a double rape, being groomed by a priest & that i'm suicidal. Kinda bad 3 month anniversary. After my 2 weeks in the psychiatric clinic i was better equipped to take on the world

Then the company i was working started looking at me differently, so much so that i signed a new resignation letter each morning until i couldn't & walked into one of the big bosses offices & said this is what you want, take. HR & i are going to have a great chat

2 years later & back into a new clinic to dive deeper into my crazy head as i got highly suicidal again. Fast forward again 2 years & 28 antidepressants later together with new psychiatrist. we never found the right one, boy oh boy did we try that magic drug, the right combination, the perfect concoction but to no avail. i did find opiods, sleeping meds & benzos in this time - considering i had stooped drinking them, they became abused. Tried the weed phase & same thing - needed to stop as it was impacting other parts of my life together with was starting earlier & earlier each day

Now we at the beginning of the year & my spine is degrading, so the doctor put me back on my friend Opiods again. i'moff now eventually for about a month now

Did the therapy help - Yes
Did the clinics help - Yes, great tools from them
Did the meds help - No
Has the suicidal portion stopped - No

How do i do cope - More in the final part


#everything at once

It's been forever since I was here. A ton has changed and I've felt like a stone in a tumbler just along for the ride.

I've gotten separated, lost my job, trying to start a business, trying to maintain relationships and time with 3 kids. Trying to figure out how to do it all at the same time. No learning curve here, just do or die.

That's come up a few times as well, when things get bad. Or I do. The depression, anxiety, suicidal ideations have been bad. I don't have much for a support system so it's sink or swim on my own. I'm trying to build a system, but it's not going well. Between COVID and being a massive introvert outside my own home, it's near impossible.

I've made it this far, here's to continuing. #Depression #Anxiety #Life


#grateful #everyday #inaninstant #everything #can #change

Hello everyone xx this is my 1st post on here, i really don't know where to start, Im 37, got 3 kids, who don't live at home, I'm in a beautiful relationship with my partner, he's amazing, I've had a traumatic childhood, I'm a recovering addict, im 21 months clean and sober from drugs , I lost my Grandad 22nd August 2017, 2 years ago today, I lost my Grandma on the 13th June, this year, I'm heartbroken, and last sunday, i lost my best friend of 10 years to suicide, and also i week prior, my best friends mum passed, she was lovely, I've stayed clean and sober through all this, and I'm usually the strong one, but I'm falling to pieces emotionally, I have 4 diagnosed mental health illnesses too, eeek im tired ! Rest in peace Grandma and Grandad, Roisin, and Sheila xxxx


#positive #vibes #

Today focus on the positives,if we keep spending time focusing on the bad things and negative vibes we will missed the chances on dedicating that space on the good things to come and the positive we can get out of it... #everything #HAPPENS #for #a #reason !# LEAVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST!

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Starting from 0. #change ##everything #Depression #Anxiety #drugabuse #AlcoholDependence

Hello guys. I have just downloaded this app after searching for depression apps. My name is Alejandro, and recently turned 23. My life is an utter disaster and I am literally at the point where I realize that I have to change a huge amount of things and somehow, someway push past what has become over the years , so many self destructive habits that just seem like second nature to me, literally. I have no money, no job, no car, no friends, no girlfriend . I live with my mom. The reasons to how it got like this is a long story, and it’s not pleasant. It’s hard to explain in any brief way, but all I can say is that I have lived in a dark void in my head of obsessive depressive thoughts over topics that essentially brainwashed me into a victim mentality, that only recently after 7 long years, lifted this past November after my final hospitalization after a series of 7 years of nothing but miseries of every type. It lifted in November after just slowly processing it myself and realizing I was living in my head, and ruining my life for no reason other than my own twisted head . Since then after 7 years of a obsessive deep depression, I just kind of “snapped” out of it, and it hasn’t come back.

I now realize basic fundamental concepts like personal responsibility, power over your life and it’s consequences, the value of effort (my only hope now) , how I became dependent to some degree on alcohol and my dependence on highs in general(although I only smoked marijuana all my life).

Basically, like a gift from god, after years of pain and frustration and just frankly, Insanity ....it’s over. But it took over 7 years of my life and the aftermath is not easy for me to deal with. It’s literally like I was essentially in a mental prison , severely distanced from others, the world, and this reality. And 7 years have passed and there isn’t much to show but what became a sick self fulfilling prophecy . I am doing online courses for my local community college. Almost done with my associates. I have to find a new job after a month of unemployment . I want to get a job, save money, and not do self destructive things and get myself out of this miserable rut. My mother, my grandmother, and my grandfather are the only people in my life at all that I’m close to. The rest of my family is kind , but I don’t really have much of a relationship with them , the 7 years have of course filled me with much , REGRETS, self-hate, etc. Which paradoxically on an emotional (not logical ) level , just drives me to self destruction, either actively or passively. I know this can only be overcome with willpower and effort. So I guess I’m just looking for support in my circumstances. And I want to help others if I can relate to their circumstances. Well that’s me.