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    Doing too much?

    Feel like I need to do 'something' outside of the house every day, but not wanting to overdo it

    #Outside , #everyday , #pacing #Reflecting

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    See Miracles in Life Every _____ (day, moment, breath .. fill in the blank :)

    #everyday #miracles

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    Focus on the #somethinggood

    Learning to focus on the something good each day even if it’s tiny #somethinggood #everyday

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    Everyday is a special occasion. #everyday #specialoccasion

    Wear that special dress, pants, blouse, shirt you were saving for a special occasion. Take out those special guest dinner plates and use them for dinner tonight. Have fun with those special people in your life. What are you waiting for? Special moments can only be caught once. Enjoy yourself!


    #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Selfhate #everyday

    Right now, I’m battling so much in my head I just want to scream. I hate myself and the way I am. I hate the way I talk, the way I think, the way I react to things, the way I look, the fact I’m so weak with my battles with addiction, the fact I’m a failure of a person in entirety.
    Every day I question, what it is I’m even putting into this world and come up with nothing.
    Every day I question, would anyone actually care if I left for good?
    Every day I question, why I’m even here at all.
    I’m not living, I just exist. Flowers put more into the world then I do.
    I feel like I steal the oxygen I breathe everyday. Maybe that’s why I damage my lungs as much as possible and neglect treatments for them even when I can’t talk my asthma is so bad.
    I feel like I’ve wasted every day of my life.
    I know I’m not worth the time, resources and effort it takes to be a part of society, maybe that’s why I close off from it.
    I’ve felt like this so long nobody takes me seriously anymore, so there’s no point in talking about it anymore.
    Maybe that’s why they call me kalamity kay.


    #grateful #everyday #inaninstant #everything #can #change

    Hello everyone xx this is my 1st post on here, i really don't know where to start, Im 37, got 3 kids, who don't live at home, I'm in a beautiful relationship with my partner, he's amazing, I've had a traumatic childhood, I'm a recovering addict, im 21 months clean and sober from drugs , I lost my Grandad 22nd August 2017, 2 years ago today, I lost my Grandma on the 13th June, this year, I'm heartbroken, and last sunday, i lost my best friend of 10 years to suicide, and also i week prior, my best friends mum passed, she was lovely, I've stayed clean and sober through all this, and I'm usually the strong one, but I'm falling to pieces emotionally, I have 4 diagnosed mental health illnesses too, eeek im tired ! Rest in peace Grandma and Grandad, Roisin, and Sheila xxxx



    #CheckInWithMe It's been a difficult, enjoyable, painful, wonderful, migraine, medicated day. Just like all the rest!