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remicade and it’s many side effects

ugh i typed it up perfectly and then disappeared.

anyway, i don’t know how to explain it and i’d rather not check dr google.

do any remicade recipients get a sensation that’s almost prickly inside the chest somewhere between the lungs and stomach area? almost like pins and needles but more just generally prickly.

also, feel free to gripe about side effects in the responses. they’re hard to deal with and
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ normies just don’t understand.
also please, if you feel like sharing, if you have any info or experience receiving the covid vaccines. i’m still undecided but leaning more towards i should probably get it. but no i’m too scared. i know normies that have experienced some rough side effects from the vaccine(s)

i appreciate you. 🤟🏻

#remicade #SideEffects #CrohnsDisease #infliximab #Biologics


Biological medication

I just got the absolute best news!
I have been sick over 5 years and I finally got to meet the best doctor ever and she decided that it would be very beneficial to try #biologicalmedicine for my pains for six months at first. And now I have been researching all about this medication. But I haven't been finding at all what type of experience people have had with this.
The medication I'm going to have is called #infliximab
So now I think this is the best way to maybe find even something about this.
I mean yeah, of course I have read what types of side effects I might get, but obviously everyone has different experiences with these types of things, but I'd rather hear what others thought about it!
So I would definitely appreciate any comments!
So yeah, please feel free to comment anything related to this subject!

I hope everyone has an amazing day and very little pains! xx

#Fibromyalgia #Chronicpains #ChronicPainSyndrome #sijointpain


Anyone on Inflectra (biosimilar to Infliximab) struggle with almost daily headaches, fatigue & nausea? Or is it my MDD and anxiety that’s causing it?

#inflectra #infliximab #CrohnsDisease #Depression #SideEffects #Medication

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