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    Antidepressant #Medication causing water retention?

    A month ago, I started taking a new antidepressant at a low dose in combination with another one I've had for a while. Since then, I have noticed significant issues with water retention. My legs, knees, ankles, and feet get swollen, sometimes to the extent that they actually hurt. I have had some issues with swelling before when taking a long distance flight or bus journey (i.e. 10+ hours), so this isn't completely unusual. Also, it has been quite hot here this summer which could be contributing. Still, I've never had a problem like this before. "Dr. Internet" tells me water retention can be a side effect of this medication, but I would trust Mighty members more to know if this is all in my head or if this really is an issue that needs attention.

    #Medication #meds #SideEffects #Antidepressant #Swelling #Depression #Anxiety #CPTSD


    This Is Supposed to Help?

    #SideEffects #AntidepressantDiscontinuationSyndrome
    I truly have more side effects by using antidepressants. I don't think my doctor is convinced but I want to be off of them.
    After 6 years Effexor 37.5 I quit cold turkey . Discontinuation syndrome was a living hell for me so I recently started 25 mg of Pristiq and I am visibly Dopey. It won't be like this always my doctor said. I guess I just have to live in a brain fog and hope it will pass. This is supposed to be helping me. I don't feel helped at all. I feel tired and groggy and wake up grumpy and angry and depressed. There has to be a light at the end of the tunnel right?


    Medicated Brain

    So I have virtually tried every class of antidepressant known. Tricyclic, ssris snris, mood stabilizer (lamictal). And if there is a side effect listed I'm going to get it. The only one I could tolerate for any length of time was Effexor. So I stayed on Effexor for about the past 7 years at mg. This past year I began having extreme side effects. Terrible insomnia, profuse sweating, anxiety, pins and needles all over my body and digestive issues. Doctors began to treat each of my symptoms separately. So I got medicine to help me sleep medicine to help my digestion medicine to help my anxiety. Long story short I went into the hospital June 4th after very little sleep for 2 days and was off Effexor for 3 days and literally felt the best I had felt in my whole entire life. But that only lasted about 4 days.

    37 Days Later with no medication and my withdrawal symptoms we're completely unbearable. My doctor said he has no experience with someone having side effects this long after stopping medication. I feel as though the medicine has changed by brain. The worst side effect of all was feeling as if someone was brushing every one of my nerve endings with steel wool. I couldn't take it any longer and was about to commit myself when I asked to be put on Pristiq 25 mg. It's been four days now and most of my physical symptoms have subsided or at least become less abrasive. I still have the insomnia and depression. Most of all my brain feels heavily medicated and I am out of work until I can get adjusted. Next on my list is to try Spravato. #discontinuationsyndrome #DrugDependence #SideEffects #medicat3d


    How do we talk about antipsychotic weight gain in a healthy way?

    #antipsychotic weight gain seems inevitable for most of us with #Schizophrenia . It’s one of the most common #SideEffects of our medications. It can be distressing and lead to multiple health issues, including diabetes ans heart failure.

    But how do we talk about it in a healthy way? It seems that any time I talk about my weight gain, outside of speaking to my doctors about it, there’s a lack of support from family and friends because I sound like I’m complaining or being #fatphobic or contributing to #triggers for #DisorderedEating .

    I gained 70lbs in less than a year. It’s uncomfortable. It was expensive to consistently purchase new clothing. My body is uncomfortably different.

    Where can I go to for support without offending those I love?


    Looking up

    I've really struggled with the side effects of Prednisone and how it's affected my moods and my physical appearance. How are some ways you've been managing with meds side effects ?
    I stepped on the scale earlier this week and I'm 22kg above my target weight. Before I got my diagnosis and started my treatment I was already above my target weight and struggling to shed a few kilos. I've heard about counting calories and always thought it was overrated. I honestly did give up with my weight at one point but I'm ready to work towards my goal and be comfortable in my skin again, and in my jeans haha. I've started counting calories and I'm trying to stay fixed on doing a 30 minute walk every day. Counting calories allows me to still enjoy my sweet tooth cravings but now I'm more aware of what I put into my body and how I'm using my energy. I'm already feeling better for it. I'm very excited to see my progress over the next few months.
    #Lupus #WeightLoss #sad #Weightissues #meds #SideEffects #Health #Exercise


    Zoloft and sexual side effects?

    I just recently started Zoloft. 50 mgs to start. I'm really hopeful as it's supposed to treat several of my illnesses, not just depression. I've been on so many meds and have experienced so many side effects that most don't even bother me. Nausea? Zofran. A little weight gain? Psssh... Show me to the buffet! Headaches? Bring it!! I've dealt with chronic migraines for 30+ years! I can handle a little headache! Sexual side effects? WHOA. HOLD THE PHONES. STOP RIGHT THERE! I'm in a very healthy, happy, wonderful monogamous relationship. And one thing I LOVE is ... Y'know ... enjoying his company. So... Past and current Zolofters? What've been your experiences with Zoloft and sexual side effects? Cuz uhh... Yeah. I kinda like it and kinda don't want to lose it? Thanks! #Zoloft #SideEffects #SexualDysfunctions

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    What unexpected hobbies have you found that actually helped your mental health?

    Typically when people think self-care hobbies, they think: going to a spa or taking a nap. But what if a rock concert is more your speed? Or bowling? Or deep cleaning? Good news: We are each our own person. Even better news: There is no “right” answer as to what hobbies can and do improve our mental health.

    I like listening to or making music on my drum…but recently I’ve found sometimes listening to podcasts can be as enthralling. At the beginning of Covid Stay at home I got some Legos and making things with them was fun and a great distraction…so it was a new artistic one…plus using colored pencils filling in mandalas and tattoo flash was surprisingly therapuetc and calming! What have you found works for you?

    Here’s a quick check-in for when you’re feeling self-conscious about your preferences…

    Q: Does [insert hobby here] help you when you’re down?
    A: Yes!
    Conclusion: Then you’re doing it right, my friends! (No matter what anyone else believes.)
    Share those unexpected hobbies below — we know you got ’em!

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    “Off Days” #ChronicDepression #EmotionalAbuse #SideEffects

    How many people wake up to take their daily medication and seize the day only to fall flat on your face after tripping over a rock you didn’t pay enough attention to? Today, that rock has been a dirty thing (a representation of a collection of thoughts on an otherwise clear mind or “rock”) that I hadn’t acknowledged lately. Since then, I’ve attempted to ignore it but the thoughts keep coming to me.

    “I’ve cut all communication with my emotionally abusive dad (who is in a mental hospital for severe mental illness treatments and have stopped talking to since September last year), so why do I miss him? Why do I want to talk to him? Is it worth it?”

    “I cannot help that I fidget so much nor that I often feel on the verge of tears, I am trying to be empathetic, and I am trying not to feel the urge to eat. I feel fat and pathetic. Am I worthy enough for my loved ones? Why does their reassurances feel false?”

    I’m torn between frustration, sadness, shame, guilt, and I find myself in a constant state of apathy. Sometimes all I want to do is nothing. Maybe tomorrow that may change. I cannot give up. It isn’t an option, but I just want to fall into a coma like state.


    Aging on medications #MentalHealth #PsychiatricMedication #Bipolar #SideEffects

    Hi, mighty friends! I was recently looking up info on psychoactive drugs that I use or may be prescribed. It seems like all atypical antipsychotics and related meds were stated to not be used for geriatric/elderly patient treatment. That led me to wonder what options I will have in the coming years and if my current drugs may be too detrimental to my physical health over time. Have you wondered the same thing? Have your medications been changed due to longterm side effects? Have you been prescribed something simply because you are aging?
    For instance, I am on olanzapine now which can lead to metabolic disorder, diabetes and other conditions. It works for my mental health but the long term effects concern me. Thoughts? Experiences? Thanks for reading! #MentalHealth #SideEffects #psychiatricmedications