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Today’s Self-Care #InnerWorkings #Joy #Massage #SelfCareChallenge

What do you intend to do to care for yourself today? Last night I’d planned on putting on makeup today but I woke up in a full-body pain flare. Fortunately, I’ve got a hot tub that helps to soothe the pain. However, when I went out to turn it on I figured out that the pool pump is not working. Hence, I couldn’t turn it on. So, I thought of my next best option: a hot bath with essential oils. Then I remembered my massage therapist friend who would possibly let me go to her house for a massage. Well, now I may not put on my makeup. But (and there’s always a big “but” lying around!), my bathtub is filled and I’m waiting for the temperature to cool a little. I’ll take a bath, put on some lipstick, and head out to the country to my friend’s house to get a massage. Today I am grateful that I have a bathtub, a tube of lipstick and my friend, Connie. I’m thankful I checked myself into rehab for a month to learn to manage chronic pain. There are people who love us, we can look at alternative options for everything, and God is always for us and never against us. All praise goes to Jesus, my best Friend who loves me immensely.

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About the process of healing...

The tricky part about have been make believe that you are worthless while at the same time don't realize about it. Is that there's no way you can feel strong while acknowledge the deep of the hurt you have.
So, in orden to feel better you need to really let yourself feel all those parts that really hurt you. All those times you pretended to be just fine with, where like a small leak of your own blood. And while you where ignoring it, it drained you.
The thing about healing is that you need to acknowledge all the hurt.

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