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5 minute Challenge🥰

Quick #SelfCareChallenge 🥰! What is something you can do in the next 5 minutes to make your day a little sweeter; just for you!?🥰 It’s a beautiful warm spring day—-I hung up some sea shell chimes;’ going to open the windows, gently close my eyes and listen to the chimes; do some deeep breathing; smile.
It’s easy and free! Love yourself! You are ALWAYS priority #1 !

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Self care #Depression #MentalHealth #SelfCareChallenge #Selfcompassion

I have been thinking a bit lately about self care. I am acutely aware that I am still not as proficient about self care as I should be.

I realised this week that I am exhausted. My patience levels are low. This hit home this week when my 4 year old Granddaughter yelled “Come on” while we were stuck in traffic. She learnt that from me.

So I have delegated some church tasks this week. I am no longer the church cleaner. Better to employ a single Mum who needs the work and $. I have asked another Pastor to look after one of the groups I lead. I was doing 2 groups, he was doing none.

I am recalling “the need is not the call”.

I am also going to concentrate my responses on The Mighty to blocks of time, not checking it through out the day. It hurts to read posts of people struggling but I am not their answer and I am not responsible for their health. I can and will get involved. I will offer appropriate counsel, loads of empathy and encouragement. However I will not jeopardise my own health to do this.

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I thought that this bingo card might help you with my recent post about self care routines! Especially if, like me, sometimes you don’t know where to start!

#Caregiving #RareDisorder #Cancer #SelfCareChallenge

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Letting go!!!#SelfCareChallenge

Today I did a 2 hour meditation. It was a strong focus on a new positive life for me wellness and my mental health. I spent most of my life with #GAD and worrying about everyone but me. I am going to be brave and focus on myself. I’m going to try to just work on me. It has taken me 58 years to get her but I am so fed up. #Hope #Love #mentalhealthhealing


Hiw to start journaling?

I have so many oppressed feelings and thoughts which have been weighing me down latelylately and I have to let them out. I'm semi-verbal so talking to someone isn't a great choice, but my friend told me how journaling helped him and I already love writing so I want to give it a try.
Problem is, I don't know how to start. Do you have any tips for me?
#Autism #Depression #SelfCareChallenge

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How do you #Selfcare ?

Tonight I took a long bath with sleepy time epsom salt, did a face mask AND hair mask! If I don’t sleep well tonight I don’t even know what else to try!

#SelfCareChallenge #Disability #RareDisease #Cancer #Caregiving

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Decisions, Decisions, Decisions #DistractMe #SelfCareChallenge #MentalHealth

We make decisions everyday. Some big, mostly small. Some good, some bad.
What have been the best or worst decisions you have made?

My worst ones were generally when I ignored my “gut feeling”. My best ones usually involve realising I need others and outside input.

Tell them your best or your worst?
What processes do you use in decision making?

#Depression #Disability #ChronicIllness