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    × " Self L.O.V.E Is A Very Hard Thing To Accomplish In Life " × #inner Demon's # Thought's

    × " How Can I L.O.V.E Myself When I Feel Broken And Mentally Damaged And Not Here... Every Day That I Look At Myself In The Mirror... All I See Is The #sexual Assult #Broken Person That I'am... How Can I Love The Body That Has Been Through Alot.. The Pain That I Feel Everyday Is Fucking Draining... How Can Someone Ever Want To Be With Me... I'm Trying So Hard To Fully Express My Feeling's... I'm The Broken Doll... That Feel's Worthless At Time's.. I Have My Episode 's I Have Plenty Deep Wound's And Scar's That Will N.E.V.E.R HEAL... I Have Lost Everything... I Have No Family Of My Own.. And Yet People Alway's Expect Me.. To Just Deal And Just Automatically Love Myself.. I Just Can't Do It Anymore... I Have Tried To Express Everything That I'am.. And That's Not Good Enough For Anyone... So Don't Expect Me To Just Turn On " The Love Myself Switch "... It's Much More Difficult To Master... Who Would Want Me With Physical And Mental Health Issue's... I Have Had Only One Realtionship My Entire Life... So It Harder For Me To "TRUST " Anyone With Intimate Thought's Or Private One's.. And When Your Mind Keep's Telling You That Nobody Will Want You... Your Not Beautiful As You Think.. Oh Your Fat... Well That's All That I Really See In Myself.. For Year's... " × #Thought 's


    #inner Dialogue

    My thought is how important inner self talk is in the recovery process of anxiety, panic attacks, social phobia, etc. It takes some practice, some time, but not as much time as it takes to get to where our illness has immobilized us in some way. It involves paying close attention to what anxiety is negatively trying to have you BELIEVE as TRUE,. And at that Moment your positive inner coach is going to say things like " that statement is NOT TRUE, or " I will be fine" or " These feelings WILL NOT hurt me" etc. Etc.. be stern when you say these positive affirmations to yourself. You can make up your own affirmations that you feel are easy to say, as long as you are consistent every day. You are not fighting against your negative thoughts, you are just becoming the " Pilot" of your thought plane and not just a passenger. Your becoming the " Conductor" of your symphony of thoughts and not just a good listener any longer. YOUR taking back CONTROL of your train of thoughts, NOT with agression, but by re- directing them. It works! You have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain. 🙂

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    inner glow

    #Deep inside us

    there's a glow

    brightly showing

    where to go

    when uncertainty ((sometimes fear

    shakes us down

    softly listen

    as our guide lifts us up!

    ((thank-you :)

    #inner #Glow #angelwithin

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    Teach Me. #Trauma #inner Child #Child Abuse #CPTSD #PTSD

    Teach Me

    Teach me to play,
    my little one,
    for I never had
    the chance.
    Teach me to hear
    music in the breeze
    that moves through
    the trees,
    oh, teach me,
    please teach me
    to dance.

    Theresa M. Williams

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    I rushed into putting color into it and messed it up #inner critic

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    Picture I'm Drawing

    Sometimes I think I'm good at drawing other times not so much. thanks depression... #Depression #inner critic


    Self esteem, becoming self determining #inner strength

    I am hearing so much about folks trying to please others and meet unreasonable demands at Christmas. I just want to mention a few things that help, even if none of these christmas projects are simplified. First, is simple affection, praising one another, listening to one another, spacing out the activities with time outs.  Dad did not let us talk when we had the fire in the fireplace.  We did the same thing every year, ate the same food, and everyone always knew what would be going on and how long it would take.  We divided the activities between the more religious, on christmas eve, and the party like Christmas day.  We sang Christmas carols, exchanged names for gifts, and talked about others who need our charity and love during these troubled times.  We took walks after every meal, and wrote down our best wishes for all to see.