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    How do people with bipolar disorder navigate pregnancy?

    I have bipolar 1. I want to marry and have children, but I'm scared of
    1. Whether my psychiatrist will agree to change or take me off my meds while trying/pregnant. I'm on lithium and ziprasidone (geodon). Both cause harm to the fetus. My psychiatrist never agrees with me whenever I point out the side effects of my medications. She always says my symptoms must be due to something else. I think she may have the same response when I tell her I want to go off my meds to have a kid.
    2. Postpartum psychosis
    3. How to avoid sleep loss while taking care of a baby. For me, sleep loss inevitably leads to a manic episode
    I'm still figuring out if having bipolar disorder is a good enough reason to not have kids even if you really want them. If it's really bad then I'd have to change my priorities and marry someone who doesn't want kids either or already has kids and doesn't want any more.
    Is there anyone out there who's had a bipolar diagnosis before having kids and it turned out alright? I'd really like to know.
    If someone is child free by choice because of bipolar I would also like to know about it.
    Thank you. #Pregnancy #baby #Child #Parenting

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    Calling all parents of kids with special needs and disabilities!

    Hi there, I've just created a group for parents of children with special needs and disabilities.

    I'd love you to join!

    I have two adopted children, one of whom has special needs. We're in the process of an autism assessment at the moment.

    I'd love to connect with other parents and caregivers with similar and different experiences. I've made it a closed group because I think it's important that we can share and encourage each other in privacy.

    #SpecialNeedsParenting #SpecialNeeds #Autism #Parenting #SpecialNeedsParent #specialneedsmom #autismparent #disabledchild #raisingadisabledchild #Children #Child #autisticchild #Carer #ADHD #childmentalhealth #anxiousparent #parentanxiety

    Please join... I would love to meet you and hear your story :)


    I am glad I found this place. I have no history of anxiety, but my son has anxiety attacks regularly. I hope to find information here to learn about what someone with anxiety is going through and about how I can be there for him #Anxiety #Child with anxiety


    Some folks shouldn't be parents

    The man that fathered me died a year ago.

    When I was six years old he was my world.

    When I was seven years old he was on his way to forgetting about me. No birthday month or holiday visits. I saw my dad 8 times that year.

    At eight years old he came up with excuses to miss 22 of his bi weekly visits for the year. And instead of doing something with him, I was dropped off at grandma's house for these weekends. We spent zero time together. He wouldn't even sit for a meal (which grandma made enough for everyone). Of course my birthday and the holidays were completely forgotten.

    At age 9 after a total of three weekends at grandma's house this man called to tell me he wasn't going to be around anymore because he was moving to another state.

    I didn't know that this was called abandonment until 8 years ago.

    I didn't realize how dissociated I was with reality.

    I stopped caring about brushing my hair at age 7 - I can see it in pictures from that time.

    I stopped caring about changing my clothes, they were dirty and often much too small.

    I stopped wanting anything except to eat and watch TV. People became mean, the world became cold and I stopped trusting. Trusting is a requirement to build relationships. without it all relationships fail. I cannot trust people today because I "know in my heart" that all people will abandon me. If a child can be abandoned by his entire world how can he ever trust again?

    I wish parents that behaved like this were guilty of a crime that required a life sentence

    But instead society ignores the costs to the next generation and encourages parents to abandon their children and start new families.

    A seven year old child should not know the words, daddy didn't pay child support so we can't afford new shoes, clothes or better food.

    My dad died. His obituary didn't acknowledge me. I didn't exist.

    And people wonder why I can't form relationships.

    I understand why I dream of dying, being dead and never being born.

    #Trust #Child #abandonment


    Fallout #CPTSD #Child abuse survivor#axiety #Depression #astma #graves #graves eye disease #Fibromyalgia #Fibro fog #Fear .

    I was raised my a narcissistic mother. She would draw me in by showing me the love I craved and then would cut me into little pieces over and over again with her words and fists. She made me feel as though I could not have a life without her. I finally was able to say enough. I am now 60 years old and she has not been in my life for many years but I believe many of the maladies I suffer from are a direct result of that relationship. I have no feelings or thoughts of her and I have very strong support in my family and friends. I cannot for the life of me understand how I allowed that need to go on for so many years. I am thankful to The Lord for opening my eyes and the provision of support. Now I deal with the physical, mental, and emotional fallout.

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    #Cat is the best friend for your #Child

    Cats provide an indescribable experience of communication with the world of animals and wildlife. They are wayward and independent. Your child will inevitably learn to respect every living being.

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    Do we under equip kids?

    We should equip kids what everything adults have at their disposal when it comes to mental health. It’s a shame everyone was a kid once.
    #youmatter   #Depression #psychology #MentalHealth #Anxiety #anxietyrelief #iamblue #Child #childmentalhealth #kidsmentalhealth


    Putting off therapy # self harm #Depression #Anxiety #Incest #Child abuse#self sabotage

    I feel like everytime I get to a good place in my life I have the urge to self harm and sabotage all the good things. Friendships and. I had a great therapist. But got paranoid that she was taking advantage. How will I ever find a therapist I can stick with? Shall I try again. And not compare them to the last lady. She was really great..

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    I am a #Survivor of #Child #Abuse and #neglect

    I have just been Interviewed for the Ms. Texas Show on YouTube for January which was #HumanTrafficking Awareness Month. Please watch my video and share wherever with whoever you can. THANKS 💜 #freedom from #silence 🦋

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    Lonely Childhood


    “Sammy’s Self-love Journey”

    •Day 30:


    •Memories of a childhood
    filled with loneliness and sadness.
    I found refuge in art and music.
    Furry creatures my best friends.

    Wishing everyday the pain would go away.
    Counting down the days,
    until freedom was in my gaze.•

    #Child #Childhood #Depression #Art #Drawing