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Managing incontinence while trying to be intimate. #incotinence #Urinaryincotinence #intimacy #intimacyissues #managingincontinence

Has anyone tried to get into a relationship after their incontinence started? I've been incontinent for several years now and thought I reached a point where I was ready to be in a relationship again and every time I attempt to do it I can only get so far before I back out. Having mental health issues doesn't help.
#incotinence #Urinaryincotinence #intimacy #intimacyissues #managingincontinence


Why do I do this?

#ChildAbuse #NarcissisticPersonalityDisorder

So I noticed that when I start seeing guys and I feel / they express wanting sex before I’m ready, I often still end up doing it even though I’m not ready to. It’s not something that’s easy to change either as when I feel their energy change to them wanting something I start to feel obligated to give it to them. Then if they try to ask even if I say I’m not sure it makes it worse. I was with a guy one time and he made advances, we had already done some things but I was tired. I tried to not continue and stick to my “no” (he didn’t force me. Just teasing) but I started to think he’d harm me or get mad if I didn’t do it so I just dissasociated and did it. I need to stop this to have a successful relationship and not hurt myself anymore. I can’t put my finger on the direct reason I do it though. Any ideas? #MightyQuestions