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I Don’t Know How

Everyone says you have to learn to love yourself first before you can love other people
But I don’t know how
Society teaches us our ABC’s
But they don’t teach us what it means to say “I love me”
I can say “I love you” to my reflection a million times over
But I don’t I truly believe it
What does it even mean to love oneself?
How do I achieve it?
These questions plague my mind out of desperation
I want to love me
But I don’t know how….
#MightyPoets #MightyQuestions #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Depression #PersonalityDisorders #MentalHealth

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Has Anyone Else Had Their Inbox Disabled For Days And Cannot Enable It In Profile Preferences?

My friends, I know I have inbox messages from you and I want you to know I even asked for The Mighty Staff to help fix this for not just me, but for anyone else that has no way of getting back to our friends here through inbox messaging.

Friends, please know I keep checking to see if this has been fixed by #TheMighty #InsideTheMighty #Staff #MightyQuestions
I can’t wait to get back to our inbox chatting-I haven’t been ignoring you my friends.

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Serious Question

So I have been learning about the brain and nervous systems in my anatomy class. There is a small part of the brain called the Medulla Oblongota. It is responsible for controlling and maintaining a healthy and normal heart rate, as well as other autonomic functions. I instantly looked up POTS and studies on the Medulla Oblongata. And there was absolutely NOTHING! There’s no way that I am the first person to have this thought. Has anyone had a doctor look into this? Any doctors here, please look into this. Is it a malformation? Is the electrical activity different?
#AutonomicDysfunction #PosturalOrthostaticTachycardiaSyndrome #POTS #LivingWithPOTS #ChronicIlless #ChronicIllness #Doctors #MightyQuestions

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Hello! This is my first post on this website. I have been suffering from depression for quite a while now. I really want to move on. I have my college entrance exam starting from next month and I can't focus at all. I always make a daily plan but end up wasting my time on phone. I literally get cramps while studying. I have already wasted 2 months. All of my friends are studying hard day and night and here I am wasting my time on nothing. Please help me how can I get over it as soon as possible? #examstress #mental health


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Community Voices
Community Voices
Community Voices

#IntrusiveThoughts … After something #positive

My husband gave me a kiss on the cheek telling me a did a good job at dinner tonight. However, I get intrusive thoughts of “still not good enough” come across my mind because they were left over chili he made that I just reheated, salad I put together and a directional box of cornbread. 😞 Why does this happen all the time? I never voiced it publicly to strangers online before. It’s always been my friends and family on Facebook but I don’t want to be that Debbie Downer or that Attention Seeker. Being strong minded is very hard. I sure do envy those who are amazing at it. #NegativeThoughts #IntrusiveThoughts #ChronicDepression #whyme #attention #positive #NegativeThinking #MightyQuestions #Notenough

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🔸Good afternoon Mighty GP Warriors!🔸
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Do you have a plan of attack on a holiday based around...food, food and more food?

<p>🔸Good afternoon Mighty GP Warriors!🔸<br>Happy Thanksgiving everyone!<br>Do you have a plan of attack on a holiday based around...food, food and more food?</p>
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What exactly is and is not allowed on this app so I'm aware? Because I'm tired of seemingly doing something wrong when I post something.

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Dry Heaving and Vomiting

I’m not even sure where to ask this question. I have been dry heaving and vomiting over the last two months and it has been increasing. Taking a shower and strong odors trigger it. No chance of pregnancy. Has anyone experienced these symptoms? #MightyQuestions #ButYouDontLookSick

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