Hi, my name is Rebecca, I'm 48 years old and have struggled with many health issues for 15 years. Bad back surgery 3 years ago in which I now have a vertebrae slipping and its bone on bone when I walk. Last year I was diagnosed with Ischemic Colitis after 3 years of suffering with my stomach and the last year my intestines. I've had been diagnosed before with IBS, IBS-C and given medications in which none worked or made it worse. In total In the last 6 months I have lost 55 lbs and kept telling them it felt like my food was rotting in my stomach for the entire time. I had another upper scope a few weeks ago and the stomach emptying test this past Friday. The DR called yesterday with my results and I have, 3 years later... Gastroparesis!!! My Vagus nerve is barely working! 😭😭🙏 I'm relieved to finally have a diagnosis but very upset it took this long! DR's don't listen to us anymore! We know our bodies! I haven't been able to fully process this yet or what's to come, I just need support, friendship , community. Thank you all 💞 #Fibromyalgia #ischemiccolitis , #Gastroparesis #Anxiety #Depression #help