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    Eds and type 2 diabetes.

    Do any of you suffer from EDS and type 2 diabetes? How do you manage them both with the dietary restrictions? Honestly I’m at a loss, I was told that if you have EDS it is better to be gluten and dairy free. How can a person with type 2 get the carbs and protein when so restricted? #elhersdanlossyndrome #DiabetesType2 #Anxiety #Depression #diverticulosis #Colitis #ChronicPain

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    Financial Assistance for Ostomy Products and Medical Bills

    Lately, I’ve been reading the online media regarding the latest in health care and medical insurance. It caught my attention that most insurance companies are looking into increasing their premiums, deductibles, and out-of-pocket costs for next year. This means more families may not be able to afford coverage if they are on a fixed income or are not able to work due to serious health issues such as diabetes. Crohn’s disease, stroke, cancer, etc. to name a few. So how are we supposed to pay for much-needed care to keep our symptoms under control?

    Not-for-profit hospitals are required by law to offer financial assistance like uncompensated care or charity care. Eligibility is based upon certain requirements such as proof of income and residence. Other medical facilities are willing to set up payment arrangements at 0% interest.

    I remember talking to one of the moderators from the local Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation chapter several years ago. We discussed how medical costs were astronomical. Members and the newly diagnosed didn’t know how they were going to be able to make payments for services rendered. There were others who were waiting to hear from social security disability to see if they were approved after their IBD had worsened. He informed me that the national website has provided valuable information for members. It listed a range of topics such as insurance, handling claims, as well as other programs that are used to offer assistance with medical payments. There are also two nonprofit organizations that can assist ostomy patients with donated appliances if their medical plan doesn’t cover them or they are on a very limited income as the products are very expensive.

    For those who are taking biologic treatments such as Remicade, Humira, Stelera, etc. there are options available through the drug manufacturers where eligible patients are able to pay less than what their insurance deductible and/or out-of-pocket allows.  Patients can also request  financial assistance applications which are provided by The Patient Advocacy Foundation.There are also several other resources posted on their webpage  for Covid care, treatment funds, and educational brochures. To obtain more information,  they can contact a representative Monday through Friday from 830 am – 5 pm (EST) at 1-800-532-6274.

    For people like myself who have a variety of health problems, the last thing we should have to worry about is whether or  not our insurance plan will cover the care needed fI or us to stay healthy.  It’s organizations

    such as Patient Advocate who truly care about those who are overwhelmed with their chronic health conditions. They are able to offer financial assistance and/or ostomy equipment so it’s one less thing for patients to worry about.

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    Crohn’s and colitis and mental health

    I was wondering if any of you all were affected with mental health problems due to Crohn’s and colitis


    Enjoying a Break

    The colitis I live with is labeled lymphasidic. By any name Colitis is a difficult diagnosis. It comes and goes at will, leaving my life shredded and my body devastated each time I get a flare up. With all my hEDS conditions added together, colitis, when I'm in a flare can overwhelm them all. It causes balance of any kind to disappear while I beat a trail like a crippled racehorse to the facilities. It's truly horrible #InflammatoryBowelDiseaseIBD , #HEDS , #lymphocytic colitis

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    Morning Visitor

    We were up really early and this little guy was at first on our patio and then in the grasses nearby. It was taken through the window, so probably would have been a better picture if not. Still amazing to see.#Photography #Disability # IBDsurgery #ulcerative Colitis #Crohn 'sDisease #Depression #Anxiety #RheumatoidArthritis#ComplexPTSD #ComplexPTSD #Grief#ChronicIllness #MightyTogether

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    I'm new here!

    Hi, my name is bubakitty. I'm here because I have recently been diagnosed with micorscopic colitis and diverticulits, after losing 40 pounds over 3 months. I am really having a difficult time finding foods I can eat, and rice cakes and applesauce are getting old.

    #MightyTogether #MicroscopicColitis

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    Newbie Hi I am Jacqueline Harding and live in the U .K . I look forward to meeting you all

    My original dx was rheumatoid arthritis now Dr thinks it may all be fibromyalgia . I also have Chron's colitis , Costcocronditis # rib pain I also have a heart condition S.V.T #rapid heartbeats. # any help please .❤️


    Need Support & Community Please?

    Hi, my name is Rebecca, I'm 48 years old and have struggled with many health issues for 15 years. Bad back surgery 3 years ago in which I now have a vertebrae slipping and its bone on bone when I walk. Last year I was diagnosed with Ischemic Colitis after 3 years of suffering with my stomach and the last year my intestines. I've had been diagnosed before with IBS, IBS-C and given medications in which none worked or made it worse. In total In the last 6 months I have lost 55 lbs and kept telling them it felt like my food was rotting in my stomach for the entire time. I had another upper scope a few weeks ago and the stomach emptying test this past Friday. The DR called yesterday with my results and I have, 3 years later... Gastroparesis!!! My Vagus nerve is barely working! 😭😭🙏 I'm relieved to finally have a diagnosis but very upset it took this long! DR's don't listen to us anymore! We know our bodies! I haven't been able to fully process this yet or what's to come, I just need support, friendship , community. Thank you all 💞 #Fibromyalgia #ischemiccolitis , #Gastroparesis #Anxiety #Depression #help


    I’m new here!

    Hi, my name is nach0princess. I’m here looking for a community for a rare diagnosis, eosinophilic gastroenteritis and colitis.

    #MightyTogether #crohn'sDisease #Anxiety #Migraine #Depression #PTSD


    Questioned about jumping job to job

    Has anyone else been asked about jumping from job to job due to their medical health. No one seems to know my story and I feel afraid to tell them about my history. I really don’t know what to say # mental health #Anxiety #ulcerative colitis