Because I don’t mind being labeled as “high-functioning” as an autistic individual. Is that wrong?

Of course autism is a spectrum. Traits that someone does and doesn’t show doesn’t make them any less autistic. No matter if they’re labeled high-functioning or low-functioning, they’re still autistic. Of course they are!

I saw a Pinterest post showing example “A and B are both autistic” and that said “there’s no such thing as ‘high-functioning’ and ‘low-functioning’” and that “those terms are harmful to use towards the autistic community.” I do agree that it shouldn’t be used on entire groups, especially on those who don’t like it, (just like how the terms “disability” or “disorder/ASD” shouldn’t be used on everyone) but what about for those who don’t mind being labeled as high-functioning and maybe reclaim it, such as myself? Is that wrong? Because I felt kind of offended by that post.

I don’t like gatekeeping, so I hate folks/folx telling me what I should and shouldn’t be comfortable with labeling myself.

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