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Does the Mighty have group chats?

I forget if they do? But would love to use them if so! Anyone know how to access them if they are on the app? Thanks! 😊 #web #App #MightyTogether #question #help

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How do you cope with chronic illness and health issues emotionally and physically?

Thankfully I don’t struggle with a chronic illness or disability but my mom has some and it’s really sad to see her constantly in pain I wish I could help more. How do you cope if you struggle this way as well? 💕💕💕 #chronichealth #healthissues #coping #thriving #illness #question #Disability #Abilities

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Annoying eye twitch that won't go away. #Undiagnosed #eyetwitch #concern #question

So i have an eye twitch I've been dealing with for months it'll go away then come right back. I lost my mom back in April unfortunately, i drink coffee and pop, am attempting to cut back, smoke cigs and weed, never dealt with it with either of those, got insomnia from my mom and have always been a night person. Have an appointment with optho on the 12th, but wanted to know if i was the only one???

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Are the terms “high-functioning” and “low-functioning” actually harmful? /genq

Because I don’t mind being labeled as “high-functioning” as an autistic individual. Is that wrong?

Of course autism is a spectrum. Traits that someone does and doesn’t show doesn’t make them any less autistic. No matter if they’re labeled high-functioning or low-functioning, they’re still autistic. Of course they are!

I saw a Pinterest post showing example “A and B are both autistic” and that said “there’s no such thing as ‘high-functioning’ and ‘low-functioning’” and that “those terms are harmful to use towards the autistic community.” I do agree that it shouldn’t be used on entire groups, especially on those who don’t like it, (just like how the terms “disability” or “disorder/ASD” shouldn’t be used on everyone) but what about for those who don’t mind being labeled as high-functioning and maybe reclaim it, such as myself? Is that wrong? Because I felt kind of offended by that post.

I don’t like gatekeeping, so I hate folks/folx telling me what I should and shouldn’t be comfortable with labeling myself.

#MyAutismIsNotADisorder #question #MentalHealth #Anxiety #Autistic #IsThisRight #Labels

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#question for the group

Has anyone heard of or experiencing Diurnal Mood Didorder ( a type of Depression sometimes called Morning Depression)?

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Who is your favorite ASMRtist?

If you listen to ASMR…

1). Which channels do you watch for fun?
2). Are there any channels you watch for your mental health?

#question #MentalHealth #coping #DistractMe

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Can dog owners answer this??? | TW dog aggressiveness, mentions of bites, family

We’ve been petsitting a dog for like 2 months. I’ve just been around him yesterday. I always see him everyday. He’s 2 years old and a Chow Chow, if that helps. I was close to him yesterday and just petted him yesterday and it was fine. Sometimes, he’d walk up to me to say hi, and it was fine.

This month, he has bit me twice (nothing serious, just a scratch) once when I was walking up to him just to say hi (and I usually do that until he bit me one time), and once when I was trying to move around him. When I was walking up to him this morning (it wasn’t even going to be that close because I was being cautious), he started running up to me aggressively as if he was going to bite me. He did this another time this month, too.

This has only happened to me. Well, he acted aggressive towards my mother once, but most have happened to me. Do dogs just not want to like certain individuals?? Was he just in a bad mood?? Why does he not like me??

And of course, because I’m autistic, it makes me sad and even scared, especially since my sister (the main petsitter) is moving and getting married meaning the dog is likely to stay a few more months until they move. I know I shouldn’t take it personally and that he’s just a dog, but this has only happened to me and the fourth time he’s been aggressive with me when we see each other literally everyday. I’m so confused and so is everyone else.

#MyAutismIsNotADisorder #Anxiety #SocialAnxiety #dog #Family #confused #question #petsitting

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Anyone feel a weird imposter syndrome when their mental health is good?

Sometimes when I’m happy for a while or calmer than usual at least it’s almost like I doubt my anxiety/depression. Like obviously all the hard work I put in as I can I hope will help my recovery and balance/ feel better and calmer as I can / happier but at the same time then all of a sudden you wonder if you’re that depressed or anxious afterall. It’s weird maybe it’s because I’m more used to being on one end than the other sometimes and when it’s on the other extreme of more positivity and good things happening it’s like suddenly all the rest is gone but I’m also waiting until it dies down and I go to my depressed/highly anxious at times self.

It’s weird not sure if anyone gets this with their struggles or diagnosis if you have one /multiple ?

Obviously I know it’s normal we have ups and downs and both are equally valid it’s okay for your physical or emotional pain to not be so extra exaggerated in symptoms or in thoughts at times when you’re doing better, and also fine when you aren’t doing so good, you need to have both. But I guess just something random I’ve noticed recently, not sure if anyone else can relate?

Also totally inappropriate and maybe offensive though I don’t mean to but sometimes I meet new people or friends/ people online I read on as well and if they struggle with mental health they usually have many/multiple disorders, anxiety, adhd, ptsd, bpd, bipolar or at least some or most people maybe nowadays who struggle with mental health have like 2-4 diagnosis or more.

It’s silly and obviously I’m grateful maybe I don’t have as many, and I wish those people well of course wether you have 1 or a million or nothing diagnosed but u know u have it/struggle with it.

But yeah makes me feel like ah somethings wrong with me why I’m not like that too, or like the more you have the better like an ironic proud badge I can handle more struggles and disorders than you! Obviously totally not but I guess your inner critic is like ah
You can barely handle one or two you aren’t putting in enough work or don’t have it that bad compared to those who have like 5 or 6 of physical and or mental health conditions etc.

Anyways totally not true and don’t mean to offend anyone at all, there is no right or wrong just learn to cope and love yourself no matter your struggles it’s not a number how many or how little it’s just taking care of yourself that matters.

But I guess just expressing things I’ve noticed with my inner critic. To see if anyone else has had something similar or even if different perspectives feel free to shar, I appreciate it :)

#New #MightyTogether #TheMighty #question #Anxiety #BPD #bipilar #OCD #Depression #MentalHealth #Shame #Selflove #patience

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