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    Subluxation Question:

    Hi! I haven’t written in a long while (y’all know how it goes) ok-
    Anyone out there who’s subluxed/ or dislocated their long head bicep 💪?

    MRI came back showing many things- but that one caught me of guard! Of all the many things I’ve subluxed or dislocated- repeatedly- this one is new.

    Well, not new- but finally being addressed.
    Doctor mentioned surgery.
    Going in for follow up next week.

    Anyone relate? Or help me stave off this impending anxiety that’s starting to set In… Please. #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #ChronicIllnessEDS #AnxietySymptoms #question

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    Trigger Warning ⚠️ What helps you with chronic suicidal thoughts but no plan to act on them?

    Thank you for any help sometimes I feel like I can’t cope well with life or when things get dark I get like that but I don’t want to go back to past attempts like I have, reaching out for help but curious for those who can relate to having those thoughts 💭 at times when life is a bit of a mess

    But do your best to ignore them. What helps you cope or accept them. Besides reaching for help which is always the best to do so you’re not alone.

    #question #chronic #SuicidePrevention #MentalHealth #forum #thanks

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    What do you do that helps when you’re in a trauma response ?

    For instance I was painting and it really helped. Also dancing. Anything else people do? #CPTSD #PTSD #question #Anxiety

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    Scared of getting a job

    Tips for when you are scared to get a job or have been isolated a while? Want to stop or accept/work on job anxiety being able to handle the training and keep a job #Job #Anxiety #help #Shame #question #improve #depredsion

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    Anyone else follow helpful/ kind Instagram quotes?

    I find it helps me to read them when I’m feeling off. :) was wondering if anyone likes to as well. #Instagram #Quotes #question #WhatHelpsYou #coping #Love #Kindness #MentalHealth

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    I'm afraid my happiness is mania. Can anyone else relate?

    Do you ever feel like you're doing something wrong when you actually feel happy?

    #MightyTogether #question #FeelingAlone

    Pic of the happiest I've ever seen myself...

    Is that #narcissistic to say? I don't think I look good, I just think I look happy.

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    How do people cope with agoraphobia?

    I don’t personally fully struggle with it to the point of being in my home all the time but people that do how do you cope with not feeling shame or being too hard about it and your struggles?

    #Agoraphobia #Anxiety #panic #Comment #Support #question

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    ¿ " Who Does Or Doesn't Carry $ Just In Case Of An Issue SMH... " ?#question

    " Yesterday At Work I Had A Customer. Come In To Order Food... This Lady Had Only Her Cerdit Card... And It Wasn't Working For Her.. And I Had Asked If She Had Any Cash Instead. To Move Thing's Faster. Because My Boss Alway's Lurk's Over When The Line Is Not Moving Or At A Stand Still. The Lady Kept Telling Me. That Her Card Was Getting Locked Out... And Then Earlier Someone Else Accidentally Pulled Out The Credit Card Scanner... 🤦‍♀️ People Really Need To Start Carrying Cash. Thank The God's The Other Customer Was Very Patient.. All He Wanted Was A Large Pepsi Lolz. " × ° SKADI KVITRAVN ° # Thought's