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Crazy how you can be judged just cause someone "heard" something about you but they don't even know you/or know the truth.... GTFOH BRO!!


#MentalHealth being #judged for #Depression and #PTSD

It is beyond frustrating when others think that when you have a mental illness, like depression you can just do one thing and its "fixed". They do not understand how much effort it takes to get through a day when you have a mental illness. I suffer from severe depression, anxiety and PTSD from a sexual assault. Life obviously isn't going to be as easy for me as it is for someone that does not have these issues. Getting up out of bed every morning is so difficult for me because it is so exhausting to go everyday with horrible thoughts, negativity and flashbacks. and then when it comes time to go to sleep, it gets worse, etc. I just hate that the struggle I have to do daily things like getting out of bed are viewed as not being "an adult" or being "lazy". Because that is not it at all. When you have a , you don't chose to wake up everyday and be sad, anxious or mentally drained..you just don't. This is not a choice, these are the cards we have been dealt and it really sucks. But I hate being viewed as lazy or not an adult because I struggle to get out of bed and function some days. The days I struggle most with getting out of bed is when I have had a lot of horrible flashbacks the night before and then I spend so much time calming myself down enough to go to sleep, so people saying those things are very hurtful because they know I struggle with stuff, they may not know in what details I struggle, but I do. That in no way shape or form should be used against me. Ever. I wanted to know if anyone else has had a similar situation or felt the same way?