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    I may be done with posting

    So after event of today I am thinking about stopping my posting on here and my blog. I received a comment from someone, a lengthy one. Telling me that I use my blog to destroy others and masks how horrible of a person I am. The commenter said I am manipulative and don’t have a mental illness. The person stated all my suicide attempts were the result of be not wanting to take responsibility of m y action. They said I am selfish and that all I do is post lies and use post to make myself look better for my upcoming hearing. The commenter said that all the bullying I endured the past eight years was people seeing the real me. Also, that all the friends I lost were because they realized I am a horrible, manipulative human being. A final huge take away from the comment is that someone with as bad of a mental illness I claim I have would never be able to hold a job for eight years, graduate from college, or be able to get into nursing school. One other final comment was for me to kill myself and make the world a better place.

    I don’t really know what to say by the comments. They are extremely hurtful. I post on here and my blog to discuss thoughts and beliefs I have and as a may to talk about trauma I have endured through my life. I feel I have been devalued. I am just left speechless. I really need to sit back and think about if I want to continue because what if everyone that read anything I post on here or my blog in the same way. But I truly do get nice comments from people on here and on my blog.

    #MentalHealth #BipolarDisorder #cruelity #Blog #Suicide #SuicidePrevention

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    Word while so easily spoken. Many don't weigh the true weight these words may have. A few simple words can so easily change the day of someone for the better or worse.

    Words spoken in the negative can alter the self-esteem of someone or drive their mental height.

    The funny thing about negative words is they often on carry a weight for the person they are spoken to or about, and rarely any weight for the person that has spoken the words.

    While words in the positive may carry a lesser metaphoric weight, their weight not only carries to the person they are spoken to or about, but they also produce a weight for the person speaking the words. Research has shown with a simple concept of gratitude, the person showing the gratitude receive a positive impact to their own mental health and happiness. So, lets image something we do so much throughout the day, communicate, could have if it was down in a positive manner. You may just increase your own mental health and happiness.

    Checkout my latest blog post for a more in depth discussion on words both in a positive and negative manner.

    #MentalHealth #BipolarDisorder #takebackthenarrative #SuicidePrevention #Positivity #words #Blog

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    The judgement of others

    Why do so many people believe the narratives that others create for someone over the narrative of the person living the life? A narrative created by someone about their own life is better told than one from someone that may or may not know the person. When you have a mental illness it is so easy for you to lose your voice when others try to write your story. This can be the result of anxiety, fear of social situations, a fear of conflict, a lack of self worth, or any other mental illness or condition. People are to quick to judge and stigmatize. It is easier in this world to find someone that stigmatize you and bring you down for your mental illness than it is to find someone that will support you and listen to your story. We need to create a society that doesn't look down on someone with a mental illness. We need to stop allowing suicide related to mental illness being a silent killer that doesn't get talked about. Stigmatization and the removal of your ability to tell your own story contribute to people being pushed to suicide rather than saved from ever getting that far.

    Check out my blog at

    #BipolarDisorder #mental #MentalHealthAwareness #bipolartater #Blog

    #mylifemystory #takebackyourvoice #SuicidePrevention #EndTheStigma #MentalHealth

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    Blogging as therapy

    Recently I have started to blog as a way for me to work through things and to maybe help others feel they are not alone in the struggles of chronic health conditions and chronic pain. While I don’t get traffic really, it does help somewhat to put my thoughts down and out there.
    If you are interested, it’s, between the blog, being creative with crafting and reading- I feel I’m starting to have some kind of outlet.
    While these methods don’t work everyday, at least it does help some days.
    What do you do for an outlet?
    #ChronicIlless #RareDisease #ChronicPain #Anxiety #ChronicDepression #Mito #Outlet #Blog #crafts #Reading

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    Writing Opportunities

    Hi!! I'm looking for opportunities to write about chronic illnesses. I'm a former journalist- had to stop working in news because of RA and fibro. But I still want to tell stories. I have a #Podcast called Chronic: Life With Never-Ending Pain. Check it out; I promise it will resonate! #Blog #Fibromyalgia #RheumatoidArthritis

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    5 Things I Do That Helps Me

    <p>5 Things I Do That Helps Me</p>
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    Community Voices

    Being Stereotyped as a young mum

    <p>Being Stereotyped as a young mum</p>
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    My Oultet - Blogging

    <p>My Oultet - Blogging</p>