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    As noisy as the mind gets, as detached as the heart gets, and as old as the soul gets, some things in life will forever haunt you. From a simple touch, a look, or a feeling, there are some events that live rent-free in our minds.

    Don't we wish to drag those bad tenants out and just replace them with better ones who will actually play their part? Those ecstatic feelings we once upon a time felt and now we have no idea who or what hurt us so badly we are scared to feel anything other than an utter shame, disgust, and sometimes even rage.

    Many of you might be able to relate to what I am penning (or rather typing) down here. This feeling of uneasiness that simply creeps up on you, often, unannounced. I am sure an example will be totally uncalled for to those who know what I am talking about. But, care to share your experiences?

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    Community Voices

    My Story

    <p>My Story</p>
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    Community Voices

    Being Stereotyped as a young mum

    <p>Being Stereotyped as a young mum</p>
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    My Oultet - Blogging

    <p>My Oultet - Blogging</p>
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    A Little About Me

    I have been dealing with depression since I was 18 and anxiety/panic attacks since 2017,
    I've recently had a lot of physical problems since 2018 and it is still an ongoing investigation,
    so far I have been diagnosed with osteopenia, which has led to early stages of osteoporosis.
    I'm 29, married with 1 child and have a support cat.
    After recently attending a course in digital marketing I decided to create my own website called Me A Blog And I, where I write about my experiences with mental health and physical health. It seems to be a good outlet for me and then I found the mighty. #Depression #Anxiety #MentalHealth #Blog #website #Blogging #ME #PanicAttacks #Health #mum #married

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    My blog, a new adventure.

    <p>My blog, a new adventure.</p>
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    Community Voices

    My mental health is getting better after a difficult few weeks!

    It's been a couple of weeks since I last had a depressive episode and I can honestly say that I'm beginning to feel like my old self.

    I tried cutting out alcohol but found this too much of a challenge due to my social lifestyle - but I have learned to reduce my alcohol intake so it's more sociable than the constant partying I was doing before.

    I've also cut out negative energies from my life - sometimes it doesn't matter how much you may like a person, if they're not being a positive influence in your life, you have to let go for your own wellbeing.

    When I'm not working, sleeping, or spending time with friends, I write instead. I started my own mental health blog recently which helps - it gives me the chance to explore my own mental health problems while (hopefully) inspiring others about theirs.

    At the weekend I had some sad news about the passing of a friend, but despite that bad news, I have managed to continue with life and not let my feelings get in the way.

    Things aren't perfect but that's okay! I'm feeling better about my mental health and that's a great start.

    #MentalHealth #Depression #Anxiety #selfcare #PositiveVibes #Blogging

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