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    Trying to Keep Doing What I Love

    Hi all, I’ve come to terms with some of the things I’ve lost from my life due to worsening symptoms from hEDS - no more knitting, no more playing the oboe (devastating), only very limited and careful hiking, that sort of thing. Not easily being able to cook for myself has been too much of a problem. Prepared foods and takeout have too much salt, and my body reacts terribly to salt. I blow up like a balloon. Also I need to avoid peppers and include more whole grains, and I was always a good cook and I miss my yummy food. It’s hard to stand up because the hip I dislocated 20 years ago aches, and my shoulders and hands object to stirring.

    My question - are there any hypermobile cooks out there who have found less painful and more possible ways to work in the kitchen? Can you share you tips and tricks please?
    #HEDS #kitchenhacks #Cooking

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    Frying hack.. because frying hurts lol

    Thought of you Michell when I saw this because of your comment on my falafel post 🤭 Apparently we have been doing it wrong lol

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