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Thursday Thoughts and Lunch

Thanks be to God that I was blessed with the energy to cook a solid meal for the first time in a couple of days. Scrambled eggs with olive oil, turmeric, sea salt, pepper, garlic powder, and rosemary; snap pea chips and white toast with sweet potato butter. It needs some work and may not look the best, but it was pretty tasty. Listening to music while cooking also really helped.

I’ve not felt the best in a minute, and my faith has suffered and weakened these past few weeks. I worked my first job recently for three days before my anxiety prevented me from holding it down. In a restaurant, too, to beat it all. All the while, I was struggling spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. It’s only slid further downhill from there. I haven’t read my Bible in a while either because I’m scared of what I might come across, and I haven’t been good at following its teachings in years.

I’m no good at self-care, but I’m trying to prioritize it more today. I went outside yesterday and sat in the shade while listening to music. It sounds hokey, but it made me feel a little better. I started picking up my room, as it was cluttered. I made my bed today and put some stuff away. I still need to do dishes and laundry and clean my drain. That’ll come soon, hopefully.

How do you engage in self-care?

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New year, new hack. #Depression #Anxiety #Relationships #FamilyAndFriends #Cooking #Health #MentalHealth

The longer my journey with mental illness goes the more I realise how much food is tied in with my physical and mental health. One of the most convenient and healthy food I enjoy is eggs. I absolutely love eggs. When I was a kid I wrote to Santa and asked for a dozen eggs for Christmas, which he did deliver.

Recently I learnt an amazing hack on how to cook poached eggs. It is so simple yet so good.

1. Get glass or coffee mug.
2. Fill one third cold water
3. Crack egg into the water
4. Microwave for approximately 50 seconds.
5. Lift egg out with a spoon and you have a perfectly poached egg. No vinegar taste, minimal mess and so quick.

You may need to experiment with the cooking time. Depends on power of microwave and size of the egg.

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Trying to Keep Doing What I Love

Hi all, I’ve come to terms with some of the things I’ve lost from my life due to worsening symptoms from hEDS - no more knitting, no more playing the oboe (devastating), only very limited and careful hiking, that sort of thing. Not easily being able to cook for myself has been too much of a problem. Prepared foods and takeout have too much salt, and my body reacts terribly to salt. I blow up like a balloon. Also I need to avoid peppers and include more whole grains, and I was always a good cook and I miss my yummy food. It’s hard to stand up because the hip I dislocated 20 years ago aches, and my shoulders and hands object to stirring.

My question - are there any hypermobile cooks out there who have found less painful and more possible ways to work in the kitchen? Can you share you tips and tricks please?
#HEDS #kitchenhacks #Cooking

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Cooking cookies can make you look younger

Scientists have proven that making cookies can lift skin and “Give you the plastic surgery look”. This is a great way to bring everyone joy. This is a win win situation you get to look younger and get cookies. Stay crunchy my crunchy mommas. 😘


Cooking noodles will help with stress levels

Cooking noodles is a great thing to do if you are stressed or depressed. Specifically for someone such as your daughter or family member. If you are stressed and love to cook you should really look more into this. A specially because it is scientifically proven. Bye

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Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut (and maybe a little fruity, too!)

Eating healthy is so incredibly important, whether we’re struggling with massively stressful circumstances or not. Today’s creation is BOCA veggie burger crumbles stir fried with diced pineapple and mango, some craisins and a tangy peanut butter sauce, over a lush bed of spinach leaves. Quick, easy and healthy on a hot day! 😋🥵🌞

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