Yes here I sit or rather lay in the hospital bed. Nervous I have a #liver biopsy getting done tomorrow. Happy drs finally listened. Sad because as of yet the don't know what's exactly wrong.
I had a ct scan of my abdomen in January all it said was fatty liver. My swelling (didn't know it was my liver atm) I though was another hernia or my back. 10 mths later. I see one of my Dr's and tell them about all the symptoms I been having lift up my shirt to show the swelling & they freaked.
I was admitted to the hospital by that evening and that was on the 1st. Have had numerous blood tests, gastric emptying test another ct with & without contrast. My liver is very inlarged and the found a total of 6 lesions on it one measuring 14mm.
So here I lay at night in my #Hospital bed.
#liver enlarged
#chronic pain