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Here I sit in the Hospital

Yes here I sit or rather lay in the hospital bed. Nervous I have a #liver biopsy getting done tomorrow. Happy drs finally listened. Sad because as of yet the don't know what's exactly wrong.
I had a ct scan of my abdomen in January all it said was fatty liver. My swelling (didn't know it was my liver atm) I though was another hernia or my back. 10 mths later. I see one of my Dr's and tell them about all the symptoms I been having lift up my shirt to show the swelling & they freaked.
I was admitted to the hospital by that evening and that was on the 1st. Have had numerous blood tests, gastric emptying test another ct with & without contrast. My liver is very inlarged and the found a total of 6 lesions on it one measuring 14mm.
So here I lay at night in my #Hospital bed.
#liver enlarged
#chronic pain

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State of Unbelief… #FND ? #nowayihavethat !

Hi! 😃💜💜
I’m new to the group!

Hope all of you are having a good day today! 😊💟

As the title states… I did NOT believe it when I received the #FNDdiagnosis !

I’m still having trouble grasping my neuros assessment of all my conditions & symptoms!….

Since I’ve been dealing with ALL my NEURO health issues since 2013 & she just met me last year!

— Can’t stand narrow minded tunnel vision non proactive & non helpful doctors! — #timetochangeneuros

Anybody else try to “forget” all their diagnosis ON THE DAILY??!!
— because it’s just too overwhelming & creates anxiety?

I try most days to push myself beyond the EXTREME pain & numerous symptoms & focus on ANYTHING ELSE to take my mind off my daily struggles & I’m sure you ALL do some of the same things!

— That’s it! lol 😜😎🥰

I hope each of you find JOY in your lives DAILY!😁😘

#HEDS #POTS #IIH #RheumatoidArthritis #DevicsDisease #wheelchairbound4x #OpticNeuritis #DoubleVision
#gastreoparesisSUCKS !! #PituitaryTumor #Diabetes #HBP #Asthma #COPD
#Anxiety #Depression #NeurogenicBladder #chronicUTIS #KidneyStones #toomanypillstotake !
#toomanydiagnosis !


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Testy Chapter

This time it’s been rough! Easiest way to put it. So now our good old pal lupus has decided to attack my bladder and it has been a spiral of craziness. It’s been 4 months since we have started treating the Lupus Cystitis with Chemo and higher doses of Prednisone 🥵 and it is takin a toll on me mentally and physically. I feel like the doctors are just kinda blindly treating me due to never actually treating a patient with it. MY BLADDER HURTS, STINGS,BURN, and ACHES all day long even more when going. After seeing how bad my bladder is they were gonna do a biopsy but decided it to big of a risk with it being so fragile so no biopsy but we do know it’s extremely inflamed and causing lots of pain on top of other things. I’ve had two hospital stays in back to back months a week and the other a week an a couple of days trying to control pain. Moon face is real( see above pic) I’ve gained so much weight and it’s only making things in life more hard then usual but it’s time to pull up my big girl undies and do what I gotta do #Lupus #warrior #LupusWarriors #sickandtired #CVID #LUPUSCycstits #tired #GottaKeepOnMovin #ItsOkNotToBeOk #HBP #SystemicLupusErythematosus #KidneyDisease #GERD #Fibromyalgia #Asthma #RaynaudsPhenomenon #BloodClots #ChronicBloodClots