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    Gotta catch ‘em all

    The last few weeks have been particularly hard on me.

    Mentally, I’m mostly okay. Physically, I’m not. And that’s caused me to question a lot of things, wonder how it got to this point, increasing the severity of incidents where I won’t take painkillers.

    I’m being referred to cardiology for a tilt table test.

    In April, I was told I had low blood pressure but they didn’t seem too worried. At the end of May after worsening lightheadedness, I was told the same, and I was basically just told just to eat more and take iron supplements. And then last week, I went back again.

    I initially made the appointment for something else a month before (I had to wait for a month), but then the lightheadedness got worse, so I told them about it again. I told them I had taken iron supplements, I was eating healthier than ever, I was staying hydrated, I was staying active, I was just really doing all the right things. And again it was low.

    They’ve diagnosed me with postural hypotension in the meantime and told me to try compression socks for a week, and then if that didn’t work to call them and they’d refer me. So here we are. I get to have a blood test in September while I wait to be seen.

    My sinus issues had a major flare up. I was so miserable with it that I sent a email basically begging them to give me an appointment (I was referred back in February but waiting list is apparently a year) because it was beginning to affect my mental health, and I get to see them in October.

    It’s affected my hearing, so I had to chase up my ENT appointment. I hope it is just the sinus issues causing it, and not a third relapse of my ear problem, especially as everything seemed perfect last time I saw them. It would be nice to celebrate the first winter in 11 years without an ear infection.

    And then of course, my referral for heartburn/ acid reflux. I see the doctors for a one-month review, which will end in the referral they wanted to do (because I had suffered for at least 5 years w/out diagnostics) but held off on. The medication they put me on has somewhat helped, but I’m still having to take gaviscon most days.

    Finally, the chronic pain. It’s been difficult these past two days, and after (stupidly) lifting a sofa up because the cat pushed her toy under it (and then she herself went under it so I had to call my sister because I physically couldn’t lift it for much longer), it’s been worse. I still forget that I’m not really supposed to do things like that, and I always pay the price (pun not intended, but yeah cause volatarol is expensive).

    I’m just really very tired. I remind myself it could be worse, which is probably what has helped me stay positive and mentally mostly okay, but sometimes it gets to me. Particularly when it’s yet another tablet added to my daily medication. It makes me tired, and I think “it only gets worse as I get older”. I want to stop them, but I know I can’t. I ended up in hospital the last two times I did.

    Or another time it bothers me is when everything is getting worse/ is bad/ is happening all at the same time. This post doesn’t even cover all of it, but at this point I’m too tired to write anymore. Speaking of tired, I’ve only had 5 hours sleep each day for the last 3 days. I wake up early and then typically can’t get back to sleep because of pain and insomnia :))

    #ChronicPain #Depression #GastroesophagealRefluxDisease #Heartburn #AcidReflux #BloodPressure #Lowbloodpressure #PosturalHypotension #Hospital #DoctorsAppointments #Doctors #Sinus #HearingLoss #ent #cardiology #Hearing #Medication #MentalHealth #Pain #BackPain #Insomnia #Painsomnia

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    Community Voices

    Hospital comfort

    I have been to the hospital quite a lot of times but I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions that I haven't thought.

    Bring a list of all your medications and if possible dates of diagnosis and procedures or surgeries. I usually keep a word document on my computer and print it out when I have to go to the hospital, especially the ER. And don't forget to update it. If you have a comfortable pillow or throw blanket from home, bring it with you Make sure you have comfortable no skid socks if possible, if not wear the hospital ones; bring plenty of underwear Make sure you have a loose comfortable robe Bring a picture of family/and or pets to look at to make you feel more at home Bring loose sweat pants or something similar Bring your phone and charger plus ear phones so you can listen to music or something to enjoy plus get rid of all of the hospital noises Bring a book or magazine Bring a coloring book and crayons or colored pencils Bring a notebook to take notes from your doctor and nurses because it's really easy to forget Bring a sketch pad if you like to draw or another craft like crochet or knitting. If it's morning and you're wide awake make sure you open your drapes to let the light in, it will help you feel better #Hospital stay #hospitalcomfort #hospitalstuff

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    Community Voices

    Another day, another trip to the hospital, another procedure…the fun never ends. Being a “professional patient” helps but it’s still painful & scary!

    <p>Another day, another trip to the hospital, another procedure…the fun never ends. Being a “professional patient” helps but it’s still painful & scary!</p>
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    Community Voices

    My First-Ever Experience as a Psychiatric Patient in the Hospital

    <p>My First-Ever Experience as a Psychiatric Patient in the Hospital</p>
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    Anne @anne78

    How a Blanket and Pillow Made My Hospital Stay Bearable

    Another trip to a hospital. This time the emergency room. It’s fair to say that when you are in an ER at 2 a.m., you are not feeling, looking, or acting your best. You might even be terrified out of your mind thinking that this is finally going to be something really really bad. That was me the other day. I was in so much pain. I was crying and upset and scared and tired. I was in a strange city in a strange hospital, my family thousands of miles away. It took many people, many hours, and a few drugs to calm me down. But even when I could breathe again, I was still an anxious mess. I wanted to go home and be in my own bed, but I also wanted the pain to go away — that catch-22 of being in the hospital. Many hours into my stay, someone knocked on the door. I thought it was the nurse with more medicine, but it turned out to be even better. It was another member of staff who peeked in and said, “I saw you were missing a pillow, I’ll bring you one.” At first, I didn’t really care. That’s very nice of him but it’s not exactly pain meds. But that pillow was the beginning of me getting to be calm. The comfort of being able to relax my head and feel a little more protected changed more than I would have ever thought it could. After that, I realized that the person who had seen me as an ill human on a mattress without a pillow and actually bothered to go find one for me was the true hero of the day. They had taken into account the discomfort that arises in those situations outside my immediate medical emergency: the discomfort of the hard bed, being away from home, being cold, and feeling exposed. That meant so much. The technician who came in to take me to my scan a few hours later had the same kindness in his heart. He gave me a warm blanket while I was in the machine, which he then covered me with afterward back in the room. It was your typical scratchy hospital blanket, but it was warm and it symbolized so much more. Those people could see I was scared, I was vulnerable, and I needed comfort. Many people can see that without acknowledging it and not even get close to trying to solve it because that is a lot to ask, especially in an emergency room setting. They are busy and see hundreds of people like me and in much worse conditions every day. But that night, that person gave me that extra bit of comfort and it made more of a difference than I could have imagined. Again, it wasn’t because it was my favorite duvet from home or anything — it was the consideration, the understanding, and the kindness that the gesture of giving these items showed me. It gave me a more human connection to the people treating me and gave me “tools” to be able to be calm because I could rest a little more, feel some comfort, and be warm. That night I felt the warmth not only from my pillow and blanket, but from the people who brought them to me. Thank you.

    Community Voices

    What do you eat when your health makes it hard to cook?

    <p>What do you eat when your health makes it hard to cook?</p>
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    Community Voices

    What clothing brands are most comfortable for your chronic pain?

    <p>What clothing brands are most comfortable for your chronic pain?</p>
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    Community Voices

    How do you show appreciation for the health care providers in your life?

    <p>How do you show appreciation for the health care providers in your life?</p>
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    Community Voices

    What surprising thing has helped you with your health?

    <p>What surprising thing has helped you with your health?</p>
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    Community Voices


    Well, I had my 6th visit to the hospital because I can't walk & haven't eaten solid food in 6 months. Im on medication. Does Gastroparesis ever get easier? #Gastroparesis #Hospital