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    3am Terrors #lifewithDID #Protectors #nightterrors

    We’ve been here before.
    3am night terrors and flashbacks.
    Someone standing in the doorway.
    Like a glimpse from a movie.
    An instant playback.

    “What is it?”
    “Who is there?”
    “Please don’t hurt us.”
    “We promise we won’t tell.”

    Someone’s screaming inside.
    Someone’s already crying.
    Someone’s trying to run away.
    Someone has already considered dying.

    Dialogue after dialogue
    rushing through the brain.
    No one wants to have to endure
    the pain.

    But fear creeps in.
    She starts to disappear.
    “We have to make a choice.
    That’s why we’re here.”

    Blood seems to stop
    flowing through the veins.
    Suddenly someone takes over.
    Someone endures the pain.

    Everyone else is silent.
    They seek shelter.
    They hide.
    Some silently cry.
    Some think that they’ve died.

    We’ve been here before,
    at 3am.
    Night terrors and flashbacks
    from a recorded memory
    buried deep within.



    So excited!!

    My husband has been present for three days. THREE DAYS!! I can’t remember the last time he was fully present let alone for three days in a row. #Myheartissoaring #lifewithDID


    Does therapy help DID? #lifewithDID

    I used to attend therapy with my DID husband. After a few years he started to just go on his own. Initially I thought that made sense so he could work through things that were private. As time went on I felt more and more disconnected from his healing journey. He is now resistant to attending. I went to his appointment on Monday in an effort to re-engage him in the process. He didn't show though so I spent the hour and a half with his therapist on my own. It was a lot of me just saying "here's what I've tried/am trying and it's not working" while she nodded her agreement #notsurethathelped

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    Just wanted to put out my first post. I’m am the SO to a beautiful multiple. She is my world. She was diagnosed just about a year ago and our life has changed drastically since. I am happy to be in a community that understands this side as well. #lifewithDID


    When I wish for things to be different

    I feel shame and guilt. And so I am silent. #beinghonest #lifewithDID



    And then just like that he's gone again The body stays. The person replaced. #lifewithDID



    After many months of having been "missing" my husband has been present for the last 24 hours with only a couple of minor switches It's so wonderful that I'm at a loss for words #lifewithDID


    What are things you do to re-energize yourself when you become fatigued with all that comes of dealing with mental health issues?

    As the significant other to someone with #DissociativeIdentityDisorder  I have days where I am absolutely exhausted from it all. We attended therapy together yesterday and the emotion was so intense that I feel completely wiped out (I can only imagine how my husband feels). I'm interested in learning about other people's strategies to recharge! #lifewithDID


    Are you a caregiver to someone with an invisible illness?  What are the things you struggle with?

    My husband has dissociative identity disorder and some of his alters are not very nice. In fact, I'd go so far as to say they are mean, rude, disrespectful. They are protectors of the scared parts and their job is to push people away. And they are really good at their job. I struggle with finding the balance between accepting him as he is, knowing he needs love, compassion understanding....and knowing that I need the same. #boundariesarehard #lifewithDID