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    My New Idea Of A Good Time

    Did you know that Otis Redding missed the 27 Club by just one year? Janis Joplin openly admitted to being inspired by him (and countless others I’m sure!). Janis supposedly changed her singing style after they sang together at Monterrey Festival. Yes, I am a bit of a hippy slash music trivia nerd 🤓

    Anyway I love this song and cannot help but think of it when I see this picture. This was my first post hospital outing about a week ago. Who knew simply sitting on a bench, just sipping a cup of tea, could feel like such a luxury… pure bliss after 8 weeks of confinement.

    Original lyrics by Otis Redding

    Altered to be fall / autumn appropriate 🍂

    Sittin' in the mornin' sun

    I'll be sittin' when the afternoon comes

    Watching the leaves roll by

    Then I watch 'em blow away again, yeah

    I'm sittin' on the slats of the bench

    Watchin' the time roll away, ooh

    I'm just sittin' on this wooden bench

    Soakin’ up time

    Left my home with my dogs and partner

    Headed for the Cotswold border

    'Cause I've had nothin' lately to live for

    It look like nothin's gonna come my way

    So I'm just gon' sit on the slats of this bench

    Watchin' the leaves roll away, ooh

    I'm sittin' watchin autumn’s alter, wastin' time

    Look like nothin's gonna change

    Everything still remains the same

    Ten doctors couldn’t tell me what to do

    So I guess I'll remain the same, yes

    Sittin' here restin' my tired bones

    And this loneliness won't leave me alone,

    Two thousand medical miles, I’ve roamed

    Just to make this perch my home

    Now I'm just gon' sit, on this wooden bench

    Watchin' the leaves roll on by, ooh yeah

    Sittin' on the slats of the bench

    Enjoyin’ time

    #Music #musicislife #MusicIsSavingMyLife #Poetry #poetrytherapy #Nature #MentalHealth #Depression #Disability #Hypothyroidism #mycotoxins #newnormal #MyCondition #Trying #thisismetrying



    Maybe I don't remember his eyes, his hands o even his name but I can't ignore all that he left , all that flashbacks in the form of souvenirs that hunt me like that little breeze in the first days of autumn those that somehow find the way to my deepest memories...to my soul.

    I remember his touch, his hard and manly hands going through my skin, tarnishing my body, my blood, like a little lamb in the mouth of a wolf making this disturbing feeling even more fearsome than just a memory.
    How can I forget the fea...that day he changed me, he changed and he changed us just to be another abuse story, one of those that are abundant in this childhood, in this society. And now he's just the wolf to my dreams, my sleep, the love I can't feel, he's the wolf of me, the lamb.

    #childabusesurvivors #PTSD #MeToo #Complex Post Traumatic Stress #Abuse #Survivor of rape and or molestation #Rape #RapeSurvivors #Nightmares #poetrytherapy



    as dusk embraces daylight

    and flowers go to sleep

    the disappearance of twilight

    makes the mountain weep

    the sleeping beast awakes

    stalking behind shadow

    beneath its feat ground quakes

    across an endless meadow



    a break or interruption in the continuity of a work, series, action, etc.


    mid 16th century (originally denoting a physical gap): from Latin, literally ‘gaping’, from hiare ‘gape’.

    #Anxiety #Depression #MightyPoets #Poetry #poetrytherapy

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    Does anyone have tips on where I can get exposure for my poetry? And is anyone interested in reading it on here?
    #Art #Poetry #poetrytherapy #wordsmatter

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    A poem to cope #Depression #Anxiety #MentalHealth #SuicidalThoughts #CopingTips #poetrytherapy

    I write these poems to help me cope, but I post them to tell others if you relate then your not alone

    Title - baggy pants

    You say I’m a bum and I’m just lazy
    Have you even looked at me lately
    You forget how I use to act and how I use to dress
    It wasn’t always sweatshirts and baggy pants
    Makeup up perfect to the T
    Eyecats so complementary
    Yes I’ve changed because I don’t wanna be
    Stuck up or fake
    But that’s not what it’s about
    I don’t even wanna wake up , I don’t wanna go out
    Do you really think this is how I wanna look
    I’m scared for eyes to look at me I’m always shook
    Accidentally setting a bar by mistake
    Dressing up not a role I wanna take
    If I put those jeans on , I have a part to fill
    I can’t do that , idk how to deal
    I love my sweatpants and no longer feeling like I have to tan
    Im not some bum ass bitch that doesn’t want a plan
    I wanna smile and be happy with the way I look
    Why not help pick me up and give me back what these trials have took
    I’m sorry that my long hair is always up
    When you look at my face you rarely see a stitch of makeup
    How don’t you see this isn’t how I wanna be
    I’ve been hiding just trying to find me
    I’m so happy I’ve let go of the whole designer show
    When I left that been behind I didn’t know you’d be blind
    I know there’s a medium between that and this
    I just have the confidence to find it
    I need you and I’m sorry for what we’ve gone through
    But I can’t even be me for you
    There’s more to me than this I promise
    Don’t ridicule me , just help me find it
    You’ve help me let go of all the unnecessary things that I faked for a show
    But I’m sad and depressed I can’t get outta this
    The therapy isn’t working and I’m contemplating all this
    What’s my life purpose , why’s my body look like this
    I’m not over weight , I’m skinny but my body’s not perfect
    I try not to compare myself to the other women I see
    But their smiles are straight and mine is so curvy
    I’m straight where the curves should be
    And I’m curvy where the straight lines should be
    I just wanna be happy with what I see
    But I no longer crave artificially
    I let a long breath out
    Trying to figure my mind and this stress out
    I wear these clothes and no makeup by choice
    But I’m scared to put jeans on because I don’t have the confidence to lean on
    Why is something so simple such a big deal to me
    My heads filled with all the delusions
    I gotta change this myself but I’m constantly eluding
    The responsibility because I’m hoping just maybe you’ll come and save me
    But nobody’s coming to save me I only have me and these unstraight teeth


    What errands can inspire. 😁

    Do not dare, my dear
    My eyes upon you;
    All I want from you
    Is a smile on your face
    And to dive deep in your gaze.
    Here I come, to see you
    And to steal a better day
    Then I move alone, away.

    Comments, modifications are welcome.
    Let me remind you English is not my first language. No offense taken. Improvements. 😉

    This one came naturally in English... it happens.

    And warm hug 🧡

    #Poetry #poetrytherapy

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    I Am Human Too #MightyPoets

    TW: hospitalization

    I am human too, look in my eyes, I have a soul

    I know you must be busy, but do you really have to go

    Can I go back home soon, cause no one has told me so

    This room is so dark, please don’t leave me here alone

    There’s no clock on the wall, so the time I never know

    If I don’t get out soon, the last of my mind will surely go

    What has happened to me for me to reach this low

    I begin to share my fears, my tears start to overflow

    But you walk on out the door, no compassion do you show

    I’ve never been this scared before, but do you even care, no

    I’m just another “crazy girl” for you to laugh about at home

    I wrote this while remembering my experience in an ER waiting for a transport to a psych facility. I was left alone for about 12 hours in a dark room with bars pulled down, making the room even smaller. I was experiencing depression congruent psychosis at the time.

    #Depression #Psychosis #Stigma #Hospital #alone #Poetry #poetrytherapy #MightyPoets

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    My Facade

    This poem is a sevenling I wrote in 2016 that's still relevant today. Maybe you can relate.

    #Pain #ChronicPain #Fibromyaliga #Poem #poetrytherapy #Whenwillthisend #Facade #Pretendingtobefine



    I'm sorry,
    I tend to run and hide.
    I'm sorry,
    I get lost with these thoughts inside.
    Honestly I'm not sure what I felt,
    Why I leave in pelt.
    Why there's so much guilt,
    That I spend my days hiding under this quilt.
    Why I'm afraid of the crowd,
    Covering my fears under this shroud.
    I'm not proud,
    Of all the people I've disavowed.
    I never was a good friend,
    I tried but I couldn't blend.
    I never wanted to disappear,
    But I never wanted to be found.
    My walk of shame,
    I live six feet underground.
    To me every day rains,
    Beneath the smoke and liquor where I hide all the pain.
    My soul washed off it's pride,
    My life turned into a catastrophic tide.
    Happiness denied,
    Peace defied.
    I know you were hurt,
    I still feel like a turd.
    My excuses are absurd,
    A future so blurred.
    I guess you heard,
    When I broke and sherd.
    On a path undiscovered,
    For years now suffered.
    Wishing I could just disappear now,
    Wishing I could have done better but how.
    Wishing I could feel a little proud,
    Or just be simply found.

    #Poem #Poetry #poetrytherapy #poems #mystory


    3AM Talk #Poetry #poetrytherapy

    Does anybody know my name?
    Can anybody tell where I'am!
    I say these things about myself
    like it's somebody else who needs the help,
    Does anybody know I've changed!
    Why doesn't everything feels like same?

    Maybe when I'll be sober again,
    I'll get over myself.
    But it's really killing me now,
    It's like my life is falling down.
    Or maybe I'm just lonely.

    I wanted to say so many things,
    But nobody was listening.
    I'm just stuck feeling lonely,
    And it feels like I'm dying slowly now.
    I wish I had it all,
    Or just somebody to call.
    Lately I've been lonely.
    Everybody knows my past,
    How I made it through nobody asked.
    Maybe that's the price I pay,
    For all my million mistakes.
    Does anybody knows I split,
    On the days when I feel like shit.
    Everytime I leave leave the home,
    I don't mean to be alone.
    I wish I had it all,
    Or somebody to call.
    Lately I've been lonely.
    I wish I could give it in,
    Travel back to the bringing,
    Maybe try to live slowly.

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