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A Lady on Journey!

So I have a Facebook page I use as a blog!
I first started using it as book wide open journal when I started on a path of being healthy, I wanted more energy and treat myself better. I believe that is when Fibro started to creep up and the fatigue was getting bad. I noticed lots of differences in my overall health and I actually started losing weight and feeling really good about everything!
Then I started noticing things here and there that was causing me pain and once I relaxed, it was hard to get back going!
Now I am trying to lose weight this time, not just to feel better look wise but also I really think the weight is not helping. I am no expert and I am just trying to find my way and find something that works for me again.
I do mention my illness from time to time because it is apart of my life journey but not as much as I do on here! This is my safe place to come talk about. So thank you!! You are all amazing! If you want to bring your encouragement, advice and experiences to my page that would be awesome!! It is funny, I get more love from strangers on here than i do with people i know!!
I will post the link and i hope to see some of you there!!

#Fibromyalgia #ChronicIllness #ChrinicPain #Fatigue #livehealthier #trymybest

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Baby Steps

In mid 2016 till late Oct 2017 I lost just a little over 20lbs but noticed the inches more then the weight! Just from exercising and starting to eat a bit healthier!
That's when I started noticing weird pains here and there and it led me not wanting to exercise! Also we had a small house fire and everything went down Hill from there with my plan on living a bit healthier.
I put some weight back on and then it went out of control from the prednisone in 2019. ( which helped so much but understand it's not for long term use) I went up to 220. Had that moon face it gives you and I was only on it for a month!
When doc slowly took me off it, I lost 28lbs and after 4 months my facial features are coming back!
I am sure the weight doesn't help my body and for me it doesn't help with my self esteem!
So I know my body needs all the good nutrients to help with everything and I know what I was doing before was helping me lose weight so I sure hope its it's a start for feeling better especially with the pain!
Love my smoothies!
#Fibromyalgia #ChronicPain #ChronicIllness #Fatigue #livehealthier