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A Lady on Journey!

So I have a Facebook page I use as a blog!
I first started using it as book wide open journal when I started on a path of being healthy, I wanted more energy and treat myself better. I believe that is when Fibro started to creep up and the fatigue was getting bad. I noticed lots of differences in my overall health and I actually started losing weight and feeling really good about everything!
Then I started noticing things here and there that was causing me pain and once I relaxed, it was hard to get back going!
Now I am trying to lose weight this time, not just to feel better look wise but also I really think the weight is not helping. I am no expert and I am just trying to find my way and find something that works for me again.
I do mention my illness from time to time because it is apart of my life journey but not as much as I do on here! This is my safe place to come talk about. So thank you!! You are all amazing! If you want to bring your encouragement, advice and experiences to my page that would be awesome!! It is funny, I get more love from strangers on here than i do with people i know!!
I will post the link and i hope to see some of you there!!

#Fibromyalgia #ChronicIllness #ChrinicPain #Fatigue #livehealthier #trymybest

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Faking Wellness #fakingwellness

the idea of #fakeittillyoumakeit is one I live most days. Today was a perfect example, I was in really bad pain, nauseated and generally feeling awful. I know my illness cycle and knew that this was probably the last day I’d be able to leave the house so I called up my long suffering Mum, and we went grocery shopping.
I was really struggling so we headed for the clothes section to find a seat for me. I wanted to cry my neck hurt so much, and the people were everywhere being loud and in my way (they were completely unaware of me, but you know how it is, your brain makes you think they’re all plotting against you). Anyway I’m struggling and out of the end of the aisle appears this gorgeous little face, one of my kiddos from school, beaming up at me.
I’m acutely aware of how I must look to him right now;
hunched over, pale, neck braces, shuffling my feet because I’m so unsteady. so autopilot kicks in and I smile real big, give a hearty hello, and tell him it’s lovely to see him. He skips back to his parents and I make my way to the hallowed land of chairs.
Just for a second there, part of a second even, I faked it. And I made it.

Now, we all are well aware that faking being well is not something that can be kept up long term, nor should it have to be. But just occasionally, I’m glad of the opportunity to do it, so I can make it to the chair, to the home time bell, to the end of the day. sometimes faking wellness is my only hope.
#fakingwellness #trymybest