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" So Yesterday Was A Show Of True Color's"#SimplyAskingForHelp

× So Yesterday I Was Supposed To Be Alone House Free From People. But No More Vacation. From The #Anxiety #loudnoise . So These Human's Were Supposed To Go On A Trip. For Three Day's But Somehow It Got Canceled. I Can Only Think Of One Thing An Old Dog. So I Asked For A Few Ride's For A Few Day's. Until I Get My Frist Check. But Was Met With No Take An Uber. I Was Willing To Give Them Gas $. But Was Met With Sigh's. I Wasn't Asking For Much. My Job Is 6 Mins Away But I Can't Walk That Far.#FindingInnerPeaceSomehow .


Slowly..Going Deaf Where There Is Constantly Loud Noise's ? Can That Cause Damage To My Hearing ? 🤔😑 #loudnoise

So I'm Currently Staying In A House With Constant Loud Surround Sound & T.V. Noise,Music..Blasting Day And Night. I Can't Say Anything To The People That I Live With To Please Turn It Down. Because Everything That I Say Sound's Offensive...And They Alway's Get Defensive..If I Suggest Thing's Or Idea's. I Alway's Get Met With A Well We Can Throw You Out. Or Move Out Then. My Ear's Are Now Very Sensitive To Loud Noise's..I Have Headphone's..But They Barely Help😑.#loudnoise

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Sensory Overload - very loud retail workspace

I work at a glasses store and we use a machine to make lenses on site that can be unbelievably loud at times.
Have you used a noise cancelling product that still allowed to to talk on the phone? If so please let me know... I'm all ears! (Hehe) #overstimulation #SensoryOverload #loudnoise #Anxiety #question #soundsbotherme


bomb explosions #loudnoise #AgoraphobiaWithoutHistoryOfPanicDisorder

PTSD was a label I got when I was in m50's
unknown to me when I was witness to explosions in Belfast in my early teens and a shooting.
the panic/shivering/wishing I was not alive all came back after being bullied in work and being burgled.
now that it was explained to me I can understand what the symptoms throughout my life were

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