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Scratchy Soul

I'm very tired today, and when I don't get enough sleep I find myself very susceptible to depressive and anxious moods and emotional numbness.
Today is interesting, though. I do feel depressed, but I'm also feeling something that hasn't happened before. When I walked into my university building, it was like my soul got scratchy. Thats the only way i can think to phrase it. I felt anxious and fidgety and too hot and a but overestimated, even though I had my headphones on with music going. I just turned off the music and that helped a but, but I've never had my environment affect me so much before. It wasn't even anything specific about it, just walking through the door made me feel as though my soul itself was rejecting the place, or was rejected by the place? If that makes sense?
I don't know. I'm feeling a bit better now, still not 100%, but I wonder what brought this on.
Has anyone else ever felt that way and knows why? Because I'm at a loss here.
#Anxiety #MentalHealth #Depression #overstimulation

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Sensory Overload - very loud retail workspace

I work at a glasses store and we use a machine to make lenses on site that can be unbelievably loud at times.
Have you used a noise cancelling product that still allowed to to talk on the phone? If so please let me know... I'm all ears! (Hehe) #overstimulation #SensoryOverload #loudnoise #Anxiety #question #soundsbotherme