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Plan it out

<p>Plan it out</p>
Community Voices
Community Voices

Can Christmas shopping with #CongenitalHeartBlock be a longer process?

The truth is it can be.

We all know the scene around this time of the year, especially in the malls and stores, the hustle bustle inside and out, and sometimes it can get a little overwhelming (mentally and physically.) Sometimes you have to think is it really worth trekking through the walls of people to get that one thing that is %70 off; or can I just get it online and hope it gets here on time?

Here in Canada our national postal service went on strike at the busiest time of the year, they recently have gone back to work but we are still expecting delays. So this year I decided to skip the online shopping and go do it on Black Friday!

Before the day came I made a quick but smart plan! (Well at least I thought it was pretty smart and my friend Nic thought so as well)

I simply looked up the time all the stores we wanted to go shop opened at (which was 7am for nearly all of them) I thought “well many people will probably work today so most will go in before they work” so we went in at 10am and the malls and stores weren’t that bad. So that actually worked!
We didn’t miss that many deals as people had to leave for work and couldn’t get all that they needed, I asked some employees if it was busier in the early morning and everywhere we went they said the best time to shop Black Friday was actually 10am to 11:30am. Makes sense because many will try and take a half a day off or come shop on their lunch break.

We started at the stores we knew wouldn’t be as busy and worked our way to the busier places. While in the store we just took our time through the stores and looked at all the things we could get but didn’t bother, we stuck to the lists we made or the items we saw in the flyers that were “killer deals”. Throughout the day I had to sit down and have a break for a minute or wait in my car while my friend went in to get something he needed. That process worked really well and I ended up making it from 10am to about 3:00pm when we both had enough. I ended up getting all I needed and so did Nic.

So over all, the main problem I see is rushing in at the busiest time and rushing through the hustle bustle, then paying the price the rest of the day, when you are having to sleep when you could possibly be still shopping.

Shop till ya drop people!

#CHD #MentalHealth