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Today's my birthday, and it's not going at all how I planned. I got up later than planned, because my boyfriend "lost track of time"; I was going to treat myself while at the same time challenging myself by traveling to a store I've been wanting to go to for a long time that's further away than I've driven by myself since I was young, but my boyfriend informed me upon waking yesterday that he has serious financial issues and we'll be super tight until he gets paid next Friday, but we'll still be tight; nevertheless, I still overspent, and feel like a pos; I got to dinner late, and had to wait and use up some gas, looking for a parking space; things just keep going wrong; and I'm just stupid! What's wrong with me?

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Happy Wednesday😎

<p>Happy Wednesday😎</p>
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I don't like shopping malls #migrain #Shopping

I confess that I avoided visiting supermarkets and shopping malls by all means, the sounds of people's voices mixed with the background music saturate my senses. I always end up exhausted with a migraine. Does anyone else feel the same?

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Shopping Addiction - Do I Even Have That

When I’m stressed, I want to shop.
When I’m sad or lonely, I want to shop.
When I’m bored, I want to shop.
When I’m feeling to confined at home, I want to shop.

I sometimes shop for things that I don’t need. I shop for things that I currently don’t afford, like I need to wait for a week before I can afford it so I borrow money so I can shop and buy it now.

Of course I pay for the owed money on the agreed date.

I love to shop, sometimes, I buy stuff that are a little expensive that I lie about their prices to my family. Or I pretend that it’s a gift from someone, which is a bit weird with its price tag.

I hide receipts to make sure that they won’t see it.

We’re on lockdown and I am starting to spend again.

This time last year, I started doing the same.

I don’t know if this is normal or not.

#Shopping #shoppingaddiction

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Shopping on The Borderline.

<p>Shopping on The <a href="" class="tm-embed-link  tm-autolink health-map" data-id="5b23ce6700553f33fe98e87d" data-name="Borderline" title="Borderline" target="_blank">Borderline</a>.</p>
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Borderline Personality Disorder: How to Cope With Impulsive Shopping

Now that we are in the midst of the holidays and all of the sales that come with them, let’s talk about a symptom of borderline personality disorder (BPD) that is not often addressed but is just as damaging as some of its other impulsive actions: binge shopping. I personally struggle with shopping when my emotions are high (which, let’s be honest; with BPD , my emotions are generally high all of the time) and my shopping gets particularly bad when the holidays roll around and sales begin to pop up. My resistance is not very high, and I have gotten into serious trouble with money in the past due to my spending habits. My excessive spending is not a symptom I like to talk about very often due to the stigma that surrounds money and credit card use, but it is something that I think is important to talk about around this time of year as we are struggling with various impulsive behaviors, such as eating, substance abuse , and of course spending. To help with this, I want to give you three alternatives you can try out if you struggle with a shopping addiction and begin to feel the urge to shop during this time of year. My hopes are that they help you out and make managing this symptom that much easier on your own. 1. Create a crisis kit with some of your favorite things. Creating a crisis kit is something I love doing for other behaviors that I struggle with (such as self-harm) or when I am entering a mental health crisis, but creating a crisis kit for when you feel the urge to binge shop is an excellent way to practice gratitude. I know that when I shop, I am looking for things to comfort me that make me feel better in the moment, and sometimes it works, but for only a very short time. This is why I put some of my favorite things in a crisis kit to pull out when I am experiencing shopping urges — to satisfy that need to be comforted by things that mean something to me. Try and put together a kit of things that comfort you and only pull it out when you feel the urge to shop. See how the items make you feel when you are at your most vulnerable, and just take a few deep breaths with your eyes closed while holding the items. 2. Go to the library and check out books, movies, etc. One of the things I love shopping for is books, which makes the library a prime place for me to go when I am experiencing shopping urges. Being able to take out as many books, movies, etc. that I would like helps with the urge to binge shop and it helps to relieve the need to go out and buy something.  However, if your local library has a gift shop or they sell used books, be sure to avoid shopping in those venues while you are vulnerable. 3. Watch a favorite movie, read a favorite book, listen to music, etc. This tip goes back to being in that high emotional state and needing something to help soothe me down. I find that I connect deeply to different movies and TV shows and the characters end up becoming my “friends” that I rely on when I am feeling emotionally unstable. Watching a favorite movie or TV show helps to distract me from my shopping urges and I hope that doing that, reading a book or listening to music will help to distract you in a safe way as well. Impulsivity when it comes to shopping can be a life-shattering symptom of borderline personality disorder that is not often discussed, and I think that it is time that we bring it out into the open. If you are struggling with a shopping addiction and feel that you need further help, please be sure to check out SAMHSA for treatment and referral options. Their helpline is open 24/7. Just call 1-800-662-HELP (4357) for support.

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Community Voices

I need an opinion on setting something up on Amazon

First i dont intend to make money off of this...but I pretty much lived in thread bare yoga pants and a few shirts on my couch.

I ended up gaining weight due to a medical condition and moved to a new climate.

I cant make it to a store to shop & i searched online for someone that had compiled non medical clothes tgat were as comfy as PJs but actually looked like you werent wearing them.

I ended up doing a bunch of shopping on Amazon, a mb d if it is worth the spoons (people are interested. I could compile everything i purchased on a (something) tgat i could post on support boards or people could pass a link around...something like Stylishly Sick and then the results of what i found worked.

I wouldnt mind it looking like a store, but i dont untend to ma kn e money like affiliates do (you have to have a blog 500 followers & i dont have the spoons for it) but if people could benefit from my list (or whatever) then I can dig deep.

So, is this something that you think the spoonie community and chronically ill could benefit from, or am i just buring spoons for no reason.

All clothes are super comfortable and non polyesther & dont need special care instructions and most are under $25

Thoughts? #Clothing #Shopping