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    Question About Stomach Pains #stomachpain

    Okay so I’ve been dealing with pretty bad stomach and menstrual cramps for a few months now, and they really have nothing to do with my menstrual cycle. Yet, it seems to happen around that time. I can’t tell if it’s due to pure #Anxiety or other #MenstrualCycle issues Could someone see what it could possibly mean? Thanks! #menstrualcramps #MenstrualPain

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    Painful, heavy, but short-ish Period? What to ask the doctor?#Periods

    I got off my birth control because my husband and I wanted to try for a baby. When I was a teenager my periods were irregular and somewhat painful and when I got to college they were VERY irregular (missing a period was normal for me) and I’d be in a ton of pain when it finally decided to show up. I’ve been off my birth control which helped a lot for 2 months and each month I felt like I was dying. The symptoms are so bad that even my husband said I handle pain well and he has never seen me this miserable. #MenstrualCycle #MenstrualPain



    The Me Luna SHORTY SPORTS Cups are 30% shorter than normal menstrual cups. This product line was designed for women who need shorter cups due to their gynecological conditions
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    #MenstrualCycle #MenstrualPain #menstrualcramps #menstrual #Periods


    #CheckInWithMe Need advice from some #Painwarriors

    ***CW: Talking about Period Pain****

    Where are my menstrual pain warriors at?

    Among many things, I struggle with my period. I’ve had a problem with my period since I was 14. I’m 20 years old.

    I get into such intense pain accompanied by heavy bleeding that I can only do bare minimum to function. I even got nauseous this morning.

    I also have severe anxiety and some ADHD, and so I’m extremely forgetful, and habits are a serious struggle.

    I was prescribed a low dose birth control, but it felt like my pain was just dismissed. I was diagnosed with dysmenorrhea, literally just meaning horrible periods. I didn’t want to go on high dose birth control, because last time that happened, I gained a lot of weight. I tried taking the low dose stuff, but I kept forgetting until after a while I forgot so often that I stopped taking it altogether. My parents probably think I’m being difficult, but I also can barely remember to take any of my other meds. Including my cranial electrotherapy, the one thing that’s helping my anxiety and depression.

    I don’t know what else to do. I feel ridiculous. All doctors do is just go “Here’s a pill, there’s a pill, everywhere a pill pill” I want to know what is actually wrong with me.

    #Dysmenorrhea #MenstrualPain #Anxiety #Depression #ADHD