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Pms… #MenstrualCycle #Period #PMS #Irritable

Before the start of my menstrual cycle, I feel so angry, irribitable, restless, sad, apathetic… I just feel like I absolutely hate the world and everyone in it that steps in my way. I despise that feeling because it makes me push away the people that I love and rely on the most and I immediately regret it during and after my period. It really messes with the way I process my thoughts and makes my usual logic super irrational… When these feelings wash over me , I feel like I can hear myself screaming through the walls in my brain to stop. It feels like another me takes over like the abrasive side from that one SpongeBob episode. I’m trying to just distance myself when I feel like ruining a relationship over minuscule factors but that distance just makes my mind race.


The Two Faces of PMDD. #PMDD #PremenstrualDysmorphicDisorder #PmddAwareness #MentalHealth #TheMighty #MenstrualCycle

Every 28 days #PMDD takes 18 days.

40% of the year is spent being me.
Don't be fooled into thinking that being me is filled happily dancing around, singing, holding hands, filled with the joys of spring, drinking in those good moments.

Being me means spending time picking up the destruction left behind after each episode, trying to piece my life back together, trying to hold my family together once again from the damage thats been caused.

It means the exhausting cycle of putting old plans in place & figuring out new plans to try and minimise the damage that the impending next episode is going to cause closest to me.

It means forever living with crippling guilt, shame, embarrassment because of things I've said, ways I've acted & a gut wrenching fear that one day I won't ever be able to claw myself out of that hole of continous thoughts and feelings of wanting to be unalive that each #PremenstrualDysphoricDisorder episode brings.

It means plastering in on a smile for my family while really I'm still crying inside for the days, hours, minutes, I missed with them, whilst a rising anxiety lurks inside me as I know what is coming.

The rest of my time is spent living as my alter ego, in #PMDDhell .
Angry, depressed, withdrawn, fatigued, in pain, disassociated from the world around me, in a constant state of self loathing & planning my own demise.

Even when PMDD is not present, it makes its presence known.

If you know someone with PMDD, please don't ever tell them it's just #PMS .

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PMDD and why we need to talk about it

I have PMDD. I have been suffering with this since I was a young teenager and I believe even before that. PMDD stands for Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder and it is considered a mood disorder that is caused by hormones and the neurotransmitters not taking these hormones well during your luteal phase. Basically my brain freaks out when certain hormones are going through my body during this time of my menstrual cycle. Most people experience symptoms such as anxiety, depression, rage, bloating or inflammation, muscle pain, intense food cravings, increased sensitivity to rejection, self-critical thoughts, and sometimes suicidal ideation.

I got my menstrual cycle when I was 10 years old and I remember being really scared. I was told that they were so painful but I was not sure what that would look like. My mom did her best to make sure I understood the foundation of menstrual cycles and what I would need each month but nothing could have prepared her for the years to come where each month I would be filled with rage, depression, suicidal ideation, and all of the other challenges that came with it and no clear diagnosis.

I did not get a clear diagnosis until about a year ago when I started to do research on menstrual cycles and found out about PMDD. My mom told me how she mentioned it to my pediatrician because she could see that I had issues when I was about to start menstruating but nothing ever came of it and he said to take Advil 3 days before I started to menstruate. She thought back to when she was in her early 20’s and would always be filled with rage and anger before getting her period but didn’t realize this was not a normal reaction. Even before I got a clear diagnosis she was always able to help me realize that it was my ‘PMS’ that was causing me to feel this way. We did not realize this was something other women experienced and that it was in no way PMS and it was a completely different issue causing me to feel this way. It was isolating, lonely, and frustrating not knowing exactly what was going on with my body and mind. I would go to therapy for anxiety and depression and try to track everything but we weren’t solely focusing on one mental health condition because we did not know that’s what it was. I went to the doctor multiple times to get my hormones and thyroid checked and everything always came back normal. It wasn’t until I did research on PMDD and found that no blood test will be able to tell you if you have PMDD because it is not a hormone imbalance it is a mental health condition caused by hormones.

When I found out about PMDD it only brought a small amount of relief for me because I started to think about the journey that would be ahead trying to learn how to manage it. I was in undergrad, living on my own, and working full time on top of having these symptoms. I was stuck in survival mode until I graduated recently and now I have been left with no choice but to face this. I started to experience more intense suicidal thoughts during my luteal phase and would have intense emotions where I would tell myself I was not good enough. All of the stress I had experienced throughout school and life in general finally caught up and making itself known it was there and it needed to be dealt with. PMDD causes so much emotional and physical turmoil each month that I had to accept I needed to heal from all of the trauma my body had been going through. I have been dealing with anxiety and depression since I was 14 years old and suicidal thoughts were not a new occurrence for me but this level of mental imbalance was new and I needed to learn how to manage it.

I currently am going back to therapy and I have found a lot of support through the IAPMD (International Association for PMDD and PME) Facebook page and support groups. They offer a wide range or resources and information if you are needing help with guidance. 1 in 20 people are impacted by PMDD and it is not just cis-gendered women. It’s important to stay aware that there are non-binary, gender fluid, trans, and others who don’t always identify as a cis woman but they still get a menstrual cycle. This inclusivity is important to stay aware of because it can help researchers find how this can impact specific populations too. There is help and support out there and talking more about your experience is the first step to educating not just other peers but professionals who may not be aware of this condition.

#PMDD #Anxiety #Depression #BansOffOurBodies #RoeVWade #Period #MenstrualCycle #MentalHealth

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Question for girls: depression symptoms and periods #Depression #Bipolar2Disorder

I think I’m noticing a pattern but it’s really weird so I wanna see what you guys think. I expect to have my worst depression symptoms during my period and the week before. But it seems like I feel better during that time and then back to regular programming (persistent sadness, feeling low, no energy, easily triggered, etc.) the week or so after my period is over. Does anyone else experience that? Is there any way that the hormone changes during your cycle would somehow ease depression? Is it normal to feel bad after your cycle? Any advice is appreciated!

#Depression #Bipolar2Disorder #BipolarDepression #MenstrualCycle


Anxiety by the Clock #Anxiety #Depression #menopause #MenstrualCycle #BipolarDisorder

Does anyone experience anxiety "on schedule"?
When my anxiety flares up, it seems to be at the same time every day. Mid-afternoon.
There is no trigger I can identify.
My days vary but are usually calm and enjoyable. I have a peaceful life (aside from anxiety and depression!).
It is just so odd.
Maybe some weird hormonal dip during the day?
I do recognize pretty intense onset of anxiety within the MONTHLY cycle (fun times!) but daily seems...I don't know...unfair? Stupid?
Is Mother Nature mad at me for something? Karma?

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#Endometriosis sucks 🙃

Earlier this year I got fed up with the “it’s just a bad period” mentality. Over the years I’ve spoken to doctors regarding my “bad periods” and they put me on birth control. It helped so I stopped complaining. Fast forward ⏩ a few years.... got of birth control was GOING TO try to have a baby. To all you ladies out there who have suffered multiple miscarriages - my heart is with you ❤️ I miscarried February of this year and was in such excruciating pain that I just went back on my birth control.

My doctor said during my laparoscopy consult that he was over 90% sure based on my symptoms that if he “took a look” he would find endometrial tissue where it doesn’t belong. So while I’m not “officially diagnosed” he is pretty positive. My laparoscopy got cancelled because of COVID-19 unfortunately but I figured since my pain levels reduced it wasn’t urgent to reschedule.

This month though... I have had a couple stressful months and man am I going through it this month with the endometriosis symptoms. It’s a flare if I ever saw one. Excruciating cramps, nausea, back pain from hell (currently sitting with tiger balm and heating pad), bloating, dizzy spells.... I can’t win.

If any of you have tips and tricks on how to handle the pain or dizzy spells please let me know!

#Endometriosis #MenstrualCycle #Disability #ChronicPain


Does your period make your POTS worse?

LADIES: Do you find yourself feeling worse when you’re menstruating? My POTS is pretty manageable as long as I eat right, sleep, and exercise but when I’m on my period I find myself blacking out all the time! My heart rate is high, my blood pressure is low, and my entire body feels weak and useless. Anyone else have this problem and know what causes it? Or even a solution?
#PosturalOrthostaticTachycardiaSyndrome #MenstrualCycle


For the ladies! Do any of you ladies feel that your mental health suffers dramatically the closer you are to your cycle?

*possible trigger warning*
I’ve noticed the closer to my cycle I become more and more depressed to the point I start thinking about taking my own life. It all gets soooo unbearable and then afterwards I slowly start to regain control. I seem to get dragged down so quick where there is no air and then by the end i’m slowly climbing my way out of that pit... #Depression #Anxiety #MenstrualCycle