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Sometimes i've noticed when doing #zoomgroups . You'll always find one person who is always having something to say. They just talk a long time. Not that they don't say useful imformation. They just go on and on. Not letting others speak.Which can make a group go over time. Does that annoy anyone else? #TheMighty #MightyTogether #mentalhelth

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It doesn’t matter what day you start #HoardingDisorder #mentalhelth

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Life is full of surprises
Everyone must deal with it
Even if it is pain or happiness
We must always live with it

Don't get me wrong
If I cry all along
I don't want surprises anymore
If it bring tears more and more

I'm accompanied by crying
I see myself dying
Please God help me with this thing
That anyone is believing

God I know you're always there
Taking away the pain I can't bare
Your blessing is almost there
We must celebrate it altogether

Fear is the thing they believe
But I prefer not to be deceived
For I know God is my sword
to fight the demon within my soul

Faith takes me to the surprises
That I know I don't deserve it
Blessings are to reserve
To fulfill God's promises

I'm in pain no more
Cuz my heart is in home
Prepared Happiness is on my road
To the path that God leads me on

I'm not forgotten
My sin is forgiven
Thank you for everything
You are my Lord, King of Kings

Date: 12/16/2015

Note: I wrote this kind of stuff whenever my "darkness" attacks me. First time to share it.

#Undiagnosed #mentalhelth #Spiritual #darkness