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    Hope and the future

    Instead of using 'The Mighty' to weep and moan. Maybe... just maybe...I can use this site to better myself. It wont happen today and I don't expect it to happen tomorrow but there was once "Hope".

    My initial thoughts after the "incident" were feelings of relief and hope for the future. The relief was short lived but I managed to remind myself that there was "hope" for me.

    The relief was important because it signified rock bottom. It was only up from there... The difficulty for me was that I had come from the top; I just didn't know it at the time. I was forced to rebuild my life and it was incredibly difficult.

    I have been picking up the pieces for over ten years trying to clear my name. My old friends were not willing to forgive me and my new friends ditched me & left me broken. I knew I had to change my life and stop the anti-social & self destructive behaviour.

    I started to rebuild my life one thing at a time. I was still miserable, bitter and angry. My parents were supportive but didn't have the tools to help me.

    I didn't even recognise myself and I had to learn to love myself. I wish I had the insight to realise that the solitude was a blessing and an opportunity for self-reflection. Instead of doing the work and bettering myself, I locked myself up and threw away the key.

    I thought time would heal my trauma. Time has provided separation and offered me the opportunity for reflection. Unfortunately, I did not take the opportunity and continued with the same negative outlook towards life. I continued to look for external gratification to fill the void although I finally made the conscious decision not to go back for more punishment.

    It's now time to start working and bettering myself. Learning new techniques and attending therapy to work through my anxiety, depression & self-loathing.

    I am ready to start healing and setting myself up for the future. I am tired of feeling sorry for myself and want more out of life. I want genuine friendships & relationships without the need for alcohol and substance abuse.

    It's going to be a long and difficult road but I am now willing to start the process of piecing myself back together little by little.

    #Hope #future #Depression #Sadness #sad #up #down #TheMighty #MightyTogether #Friends #Connections #Family #reputation #Respect #Love #calm #peace #Spiritual #Anxiety #grateful #live

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    #Spiritual #hashimoto

    Have you ever think about the #Spiritual cause of your #Diagnosis ?

    I think it can be really tricky but exciting to puzzle our #Disease out...

    Let's think together. We're not #alone .👥

    I'v read many articles about #hashimoto (my "friend"😉). As I try to remember the years before the start of my disease, I felt so many times -you know- "lump in my throat" when I've experienced awkward situations and #emotional traumas.🤐

    I'm truly believe that our body, mind and soul are in close connection with each other and you can not abuse any of them without affecting the other. ☯️

    Unfortunatelly I've ignored the smyptoms of my body and soul too long. But noe I'm trying to look inside and fbd my inner peace again. 🌸

    What's your opinion? Share with me, share with us. ❤️

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    Grace & Grit -The Spoonie Way

    Make sure you give yourself grace
    & sacred healing space
    in this human experience!

    PS: remind your ego-It’s a journey, not a race!

    From my experience, it is very well-known, that this of us living with chronic illness, are some of THE strongest, open hearted-generous human beings.

    But it’s also from my experience,
    that we forget to give ourselves, said GRACE along the way.
    Survival has been fueled only by our grit and determination, to not be overcome by the waves of a chronic illness transformation,

    Let the white swan encourage you today .. to be grace to self and let that be the ripple that is a tiny tsunami of possibilities clearing the path to days of ease, peace and happiness.

    White swan~spiritual wisdom:
    Purity•dignity •wealth •happiness •confidence •loyalty •peace •innocence •empathy •love •elegance •soft/feminine

    •Give yourself grace along your journey.
    •As a child of the divine, you must remember as you navigate your human journey, the perfect soul inside, that is pure, innocent, and peaceful as the embodiment of love.
    •Be loyal and eloquently flowing with grace and empathy as you confidently explore your truth.

    #grace #grit #surrender #resetyourgroove #blissedlife #spoonie #transcender #transformationjourney #whiteswan #Spiritual #wisdom


    I keep hearing a voice telling me he’s hurting my shoulder

    I often feel like someone is yanking o my left arm they get me when I’m relaxed and not realizing then it’s like he shows up in spirit or invisible because I literally feel like someone grabs my hand with both their hands then lifts it a little and pulls it fast and hard straight down pulling my shoulder out of its socket my shoulder hurts bad sometimes , I did have my shoulder knocked out of place when I was jumped by people I thought were friends an he is the one I keep hearing say that an the fact that it feels so real anyone know how I could block them from hurting me this way? #Advice #Spiritual


    Growing Pains

    Back in the day,

    We used to play outside till dawn

    Now, we're just another government pawn

    Back in the day,

    We used to live, laugh & grow

    Now, we are forced to work our asses off bro

    What is this shit? (mind my language)

    Death is a trap to try and get us to submit?

    As kids, we couldn't wait to be adults

    Now, I reflect and I am like that was truly nuts!

    The days when we could cry and be comforted

    Childhood turned to adulthood and those days plummeted

    Now, we're struggling to make ends meet, Who would have thought, childhood was only a treat

    But it's life,

    So put away that knife

    It is what it is -

    God is good, all is his

    Better days are ahead

    So, go and continue to chase that bread!

    #Life #resilience #NeverGiveUp #Suicide #SuicideAwareness #Selfharm #selfharmawareness #strength #courage #bravery #Independence #freedom #freedomwriters #useyourwords #expression #expressyourself #creativity #Deep #deepthinkers #bold #Spirituality #Meditation #Spiritual #calm #Zen #gowiththeflow #liveinthepresent #loa #TheSecret #manifest #manifestation #Positivity #PositiveVibes #GoodVibes #vibes #Energy #YouCanDoIt #Believe #Hope #Care #Empathy #compassion

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