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WandaVision - collective grief and emerging stronger

Like many people, I really enjoyed WandaVision — its exploration of how grief and trauma get processed and how that's different for every person.

A recent article (from The Mary Sue) brought up the show as a metaphor for the collective grief we all feel for pre-pandemic life, and the ways that we make our own bubble-worlds. It's coping but also denying the catharsis in some ways, so a mixed bag.

It's been so easy to fantasize about getting "back to normal" soon, but now I'm thinking about ways to emerge (like Wanda) better and more powerful than before! #Grief #Magic #catharsis #Metamorphisis

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Ever since I was very little I have had a strong connection with butterflies, and when I went through some self harming behaviors as well as suicide attempts and ideation, and being able to view my struggles as a kind of metamorphosis or growth really helped me- and still does. Growth is uncomfortable, painful, and excruciatingly slow going. From the outside it can look like complete destruction, and sometimes it is. We are breaking those restrictions placed on us, the expectations, the cruel words or abuse we endured. We are separating ourselves from who we used to be, but I always will be grateful for that little girl because she kept me alive. My personality is borderline because she is still trying to protect me, but it’s time for her to be at rest.
#BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #BorderlineStigma #Trauma #PersonalGrowth #Metamorphisis