My #heart is heavy but I don’t want it to be. So many feelings...
A synopsis:
-#Moved away from family in 2007.
-Had 1st #kid in 2012
-Had 2nd kid in 2014.
-Finally convinced my #Parents to move to be closer to my kids and my husband and I in 2015.
-My husband recently offered an amazing job #Opportunity with pay different state, 9 hours away.
-My parents have a hard time with any kind of change. My husband is all about change if it means career ladder climbing. Totally different ways of looking at life.
-My quality of life is good where I am in that my parents are here to help with the kids and cost of living is low. But on the other hand there’s an exciting opportunity with better pay elsewhere.

I don’t know what to do?!?! I’m so down bc my parents depend on me and my kids for happiness due to them not being happy in their marriage. I feel so #Guilty leaving my parents after asking them to come to be where I am and now I’d be leaving them in a state where they don’t know anyone else.

Things are so unsettled. And I don’t have an answer...any and all thoughts welcome.