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    Does anyone else feel like this ???? #Depression #Insecure #Guilty

    So last night I was craving a pizza and I figured you know why not it's okay to treat yourself sometimes. So I ordered a large pizza and I ate the whole entire pizza in one sitting I went to sleep and today I avoid looking in the mirror. Even the smallest glance I start to cry I feel so guilty just thinking about it. I can't stop thinking about it I don't know why I'm obsessing over something that everyone does naturally this has never happened before I mean I always had self esteem issues but not to this extent and I'm freaking out

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    So low

    I fucked up yesterday. I had a #Relapse and today I'm a wreak. It's been so long since I've had to keep making sure my sleeves don't slip up, since it's been painful to hold and carry my daughter, since my arms have stung in the shower. I feel terrible. I feel so weak for giving in to the temptation. I've thought about #Selfharm all day. It's so hard not to slip up again. My daughter is at her dads for another week, but I visited today to help out with her birthday party. I'm so thankful she's with him, because ever since I got home again I've been #Crying . I feel so #Guilty . I've fucked up before, and I always feel guilty. But this time it's different. It's so much deeper, so much more painful. I don't know why I'm writing this.. Maybe because I have no one else to talk to.. I haven't been to therapy for three weeks. I usually go twice a week, but my therapist is going through a family emergency. I understand that she has to deal with this, and I sympatise with her situation. It's just been so hard not having anyone to talk to about what I'm going through emotionally. I know I can talk to my kids dad. He's my best friend. But I don't wanna ruin his time with our daughter. We have 50/50 shared custody, and she spends two weeks at each place because of his work schedual. I know I need more help than I've gotten these weeks, but I have no one exept him.. I can't talk to my family about this. They have way too much going on with my sister. I don't wanna put more weight on their shoulders.. But I'm struggling so bad.. I feel so alone.. Maybe I just needed to vent..

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    Thought it was a cold but now questioning it.

    #Anxiety #Guilty #COVID19
    I started having cold symptoms last Monday at first I thought it was my allergies till I realized it was right after my roommate started having symptoms. So I classified it as a cold as mine started two days after hers. I missed one day off my classes but went to the next because I felt better. I did improve a bit throughout the days. But I am still blowing my nose which is my normal colds. But now I’m feeling guilty thinking it was covid and didn’t get tested. That was literally my only symptoms. One of my friends just got tested that I was with but her first symptom was stomach issues. She was trying to get me to test today but I do not know if there would even be a point as it’s been over a week and I literally have one symptom and I don’t think it would be accurate. I just feel very guilty and selfish that I did not get tested earlier I feel like it’s my fault for her getting sick.#stupid #Anxiety Is there anything I can do to prevent me from feeling like this or I can do better?

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    Never ending loneliness

    At least that’s how it feels.
    I have a wonderful partner, I want to marry him some day, he is my world.
    I have a best friend, she lives in another state, but we text and watch tv over FaceTime together all the time.
    I have the best dog EVER, my baby boy, he keeps me motivated and positive.
    And yet.. I’m so lonely. All the time.
    When I wake up, when I’m spending time with my partner, when I’m walking the dog, til the moment I fall asleep.
    I just feel so empty.
    I’ve felt this way since I was small, probably from the constant emotional abuse and neglect, but I’m sick of it.
    I’m sick of being comfortable with feeling like crap, all the time, because I was never allowed to be happy, I was told I was just being “MANIC,” and getting on HER nerves. I want to LIVE, and not care about what everyone is thinking and to let myself FEEL without worrying I’m going to bother or offend somebody.
    It’s painful.
    I feel so guilty.
    There are people who have it way worse but

    It’s SO lonely.
    #lonely #Guilty #Ramble #Vent

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    How do you handle guilt?

    I hate guilt, as many of us do. My therapist has brought this up for years as I really struggle with it. I hate to cause discomfort for anyone so I always put myself last in every relationship to avoid guilt. It has worked for years but now I realize how unhealthy this is and the harm I have caused myself. I know this behavior has fed into my anxiety and depression.

    My question to all of you is - how do you process feelings of guilt? What’s your unique process?
    #MentalHealthHero #Anxiety #Depression #Guilty

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    Slow day

    Just having one of those days were even the body feels you..tired, grumpy,sad,sick stomach...mi brain just go and go . Can't stop it. I try to watch tv but Im not paying attention, I want to do something but end up going something else....feel again,sad,guilty,ugly,worthless... #sad #tired #Guilty #Fail

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    #Guilt I feel sorry for my husband

    #Guilt my husband does so much for me. He does the lions share of everything. He keeps me fed and keeps our home clean. I can see he's exhausted from it and I constantly feel guilty. Today I feel particularly guilty. Does anyone feel the same? How do you cope? #Guilty #sad #Fatigue I feel like I'm not the woman he married because before I had a bit more energy to do things. Isn't guilt horrible!

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    The hardest part of adult ADHD is feeling so stupid.. #Guilty

    Hate everytime I feel so stupid

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    Getting a grip on guilt.

    I think in the past I've made people feel like they bother me. When people text me they always say "I'm sorry to bother you". It's nice of them to say but it just stands out in my mind. I regret my behavior towards others when I was anxious on manic. Overall being bipolar scares me I never know what to expect. Why can't I just tell people that? #mental illness #Guilty #Sadness #regrets #Bipolar disorder # feeling bad for feeling bad

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    For all of my 5 year marriage and 16 years of being on my own . I battled and still battling with some depression. Depression , anxiety , not being sure of myself sometimes feel more “me” than when I’m happy. I sometimes have to drill down to atoms to know why I am happy. I know I deserve to be happy often but sometimes I’m so pessimistic that it. Won’t last

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