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Hello, everyone!

I have #TDP , also called #trigeminal #deafferentation pain, and sometimes referred to as #anesthesiadolorosa . The condition is the result of permanent damage to my right trigeminal nerve, which occurred during #microvasculardecompression surgery, or #mvd . I have been in one form of #chronicfacialpain or another for the last 30 years. I would love to chat with others who have #motorcortexstimulators for #facialpain . Carry on, warriors. ❤️


Finally got Health Insurance!!! #mvd #TrigeminalNeuralgia #h

My husband FINALLY got health insurance through his job. This means that come January 1st I can start setting everything up for my MVD!!! I've cried so many tears of joy which only makes my face hurt more 😑, cried while being able to tell my oldest child (she's 12) that I could possibly be pain free soon, I've daydreamed about going back to work, getting off these meds, and felt every emotion in every range possible. My Neurologist is very hopeful it would be successful for me, I have my surgeon picked out, I haven't been able to afford to see a pain management Dr but now I could, just so many possibilities. My youngest and only other child (turned 1 in October) hasn't known her mother without my diseases. I went through pregnancy with her having both and have worried how I'll keep up once she's older. My mind is more at ease now. This will be the beginning to a new life for my family and I couldn't be happier!!!!